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Washington DC, which is prominent for its rich political background and amazing architecture, is certainly a place that every traveler must visit at least once. Apart from the iconic Smithsonian Museum, Spy Museum, Newseum, National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, etc., which are some of the famous attractions here, there are many weird things to do and see in the DC as well. Visiting these places will be perfect for people who have curious nature and for those who love to experience scary adventures during their private Washington DC tours. Some of those bizarre things that you can do on your Washington DC tour are given below.

Ghosts Galore

Conspiracies and murders were common in the political history of Washington DC, and as a result, the city is a perfect ground to experience ghostly haunting with some evil and creepy stories. The stories about the ghost of President Lincoln in the White House and the Demon Cat that hang around in the basement of the Capitol Building are quite famous here. Travelers with paranormal obsession and those who like to include some spooky moments into their Washington DC tour visit these places to figure out the truth behind of these ghostly stories.

See How DC Women Sway

Never miss the Roller Derby in DC that showcases plenty of action and moves that resembles the stunts that you might have seen in the movies. These days, Roller Derby is a great way to empower women and to boost up a passion for athletics and self-esteem in them. The derby team of Washington City is known as the DC Rollergirls and they are highly skilled and competitive. They are so fearless that they whip around the entire flat track at a lightning speed. There are many indoor games as well that match the high speed and intensity as that of the Roller Derby as well in Washington.

A Horse Riding Experience in the Heart of the City

Only a few people know that they can enjoy a great horse riding experience right in the center of the Washington city. The Creek Park that is located in the heart of the city is an ideal place for all the horse riders and for the Nature lovers out there. This federal park spans an area of 1,754 acres and is beautified with beautiful green plants and water bodies. The park authorities also conduct many riding lessons for both skilled riders and newbies. Other than horse riding, you can also enjoy trekking, hiking, and bike trails here, or simply stroll through the picturesque walkways for a divine experience.

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