An Interesting Tour to the Neighborhood of the Capitol Hill

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Washington DC is always known for its rich history and enlightening museums. There are many national monuments and treasured architectures over here that scream about the eclectic nature of the DC. Furthermore, the free Smithsonian museums are sure to overwhelm you with their vast and informative collections, and the monuments in the National Mall are sure to enthrall you as well.

Capitol Hill

One of the important things that you cannot miss during your Washington DC tours is the Capitol Hill that represents the American democracy. The large neighborhood of the Capitol Hill that spans the quadrants of Southeast and Northeast contributes more to this political building than just some legislative dealings though.

Most of the attractions in this amazing neighborhood are not covered during an average bus tour. Some of the most interesting facts about the Capitol Hill and the neighboring places are listed below, so that you do not miss them during your Washington DC bus tours.

The Original Name of the Building Was Not Capitol Hill

This place was actually known as Jenkins’ Hill when the area was first discovered by an architect, Pierre Charles L’Enfant in early 1790’s. However, the name was converted to Capitol Hill later, as the city architect proclaimed the area as a platform waiting for a monument.

The construction of this wondrous monument began in 1793. You can still discover all this history over here when you visit the iconic Capitol Hill.

Christ Church – The Oldest Episcopal Church in the City

Most people believe that the National Cathedral is the oldest Episcopal Church in Washington DC. It is true that National Cathedral is one of the most famous churches in the United States and a huge number of ceremonies and events are conducted here, but it is not the oldest Episcopal Church.

In fact, the Christ Church in the Capitol Hill started its first service in 1807; that is 105 years prior to the opening of National Cathedral.

The Smallest House in the City is Located here

Tiny houses have become a trend nowadays. However, the fact is that most people like to visit it rather than living in those little domiciles. The average size of these tiny house range from 100 – 400 square feet, whereas an American home usually spans around 2600 square feet.

There is a 252 square foot home in the Capitol Hill that is allegedly the smallest house in the city. This one-room tiny house, which was built in 1920, is just 28 feet long and 9 feet wide, but includes the amenities like a stove, dryer, washer, bathroom, and a small backyard as well.

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