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Washington DC is not all about politics, museums, and other neo-classical monuments. There is so much in stock here, which makes private tours Washington DC exhilarating for all the adrenaline junkies.

Nowadays, most people are enthusiastic to uncover many mysteries and to explore the haunted places. Washington too has many haunted and spooky places, such as the Mount Baker Theatre, Kells Irish Pub, Starvation Heights Auditorium, Black Diamond Cemetery, etc. Some of the best haunted places in Washington DC are listed below.

Campbell House

The Campbell House, situated in Spokane, was designed and constructed by the famous 20th-Century architect, Kirtland K Cutter, in 1898. This building was primarily owned by Amasa Basaliel Campbell, whose three kids were murdered by a burglar in 1900. Her fourth child was also kidnapped, and never returned.

With such a tragic history, people started believing that the mansion is haunted and the visitors here are often followed by eyes of Campbell whose portrait is hung on the wall. People believe that Campbell is still looking for the kidnapper.

University Heights

University Heights was once one of the well-known schools in Seattle. However, people started experiencing a little boy’s ghost here. The boy was believed to be a student of the school and his ghost was seen and heard playing and laughing in the main hall.

The bone-chilling fact is that according to the paranormal investigators and other school staffs, there are many other ghosts in the school along with the little boy’s, and some have even heard the sounds of a small group of children.

The Oxford Saloon

The Oxford Saloon, located in Snohomish of Washington, is one of the most haunted places in the district. This Saloon, which was constructed in 1900, has seen a good share of violence, as many people were reportedly murdered here. Many people claim to have experienced ghosts here.

One of the many ghosts haunting the building is that of a police officer, Henry. He was a regular customer in the Saloon and was a bouncer here for some time. He was murdered in the basement and it is believed that his ghost still haunts the place. The weird thing is that he is known to pinch women in the restroom. Another ghost is of Madam Kathleen’s, who is described as an old woman wearing a purple dress with the matching bow.

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