Top 4 Tourist Attractions in National Harbor

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This riverside tourist hub resides nearby Washington DC and Alexandria City in Virginia and spans three hundred acres of land along the Potomac River. It is full of water-focused experiences that are a must-try when on private Washington DC tours, so check out 4 such to-do activities as listed below.

Experience Skyline DC on Capital Wheel

This Ferris wheel soars one hundred and eighty feet above the waterfront of Potomac River. It has 42 seating compartments that are climate-controlled, with each gondola having a capacity to seat up to 8 people.

A ride on the Capital Wheel lasts up to 15 minutes and provides scenic views of the waterfront, parts of Virginia, Masonic Temple, and some of the main tourist attractions in DC. Choose a time slot at night to spin on the Ferris wheel all week to make the most of skyline observation in National Harbor.

Cruise through the Potomac River

Rent a paddleboat or a kayak from a boathouse rental company in the waterfront tourist hub to take a cruise through the river. If you are an adventure junkie, go one-step further and rent a standup paddleboard to try surfing the Potomac. If you were a newbie to that, the rental partner would give you tips on how to do these water sports and supply life jackets as well.

Admire the Artworks along National Harbor

Several kinds of works of art pepper the harbor’s landscape including statuettes and murals. The most noteworthy artwork here is named “The Awakening,” a one-of-a-kind statue by John Seward Johnson II that partly emerges from the Earth, with its arms held aloft and head facing skywards.

There is also a mural here titled “Maryland’s Bounty” that depicts fishermen and people picking crabs. Other notable artworks comprise of steel sculptures by American sculptor Albert Paley, which perch above a plaza at the harbor.

Get Bargain Deals at Tanger Outlets

This shopping mall has several outlets including fashion designer stores, specialty retail shops, apparels, and many international brands have a footprint here. In fact, you could take free shuttles from hotels situated in National Harbor to reach the open-air shopping center quickly.

Now that you have hopped into the National Harbor, explore some of the other tourist attractions nearby such as Old Town Alexandria neighborhood to cap off the trip.

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