A Brief Note on the Georgetown Waterfront Park in Washington DC

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Waterfront parks are a great place to relax on a weekend or holiday. If you are on tours of Washington DC, the Georgetown Waterfront Park can be your favorite spot. In this waterfront park, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful Potomac River and do some recreational activities too.

The ten-acre Georgetown Waterfront Park is located at the Potomac shoreline that extends from the 30th to 34th street, Northwest. The following are the things you can do in this park to enjoy your time well.

A Nature Walk

Take a stroll through the park’s walkways while experiencing the beautiful views of the river. Whether you walk through the riverfront promenade or along the paved walkways, you can experience the change of seasons as the native perennials, shrubs, and trees provide a different display.

When on it, explore an array of rain gardens with native wildflowers, rushes, and sedges, and indulge in the beauty of nature amid a densely populated city.

Fountain Splashing

During warm months, the arching fountain located right on the park’s entrance resembles a huge lawn sprinkler, as it sprays the pavement below with water jet in varying heights. This spot will be a top destination for children and well as adults to enjoy dashing through the spray.

During the night, this fountain is illuminated as well, which makes people wanting to visit Georgetown Waterfront Park more during the evenings for a casual timeout.


Rowing on the Potomac River has a history to it that dates back to the 19th Century. Many championships are all held in this river, including university and high school teams, masters and club teams, and even various training programs for world championships.

There are not any docks here, but kayaking, rowing, and canoeing enthusiasts can utilize the boathouse nearby the park. The public boathouse offers kayaks, canoes, and rowing shells rentals, while key bridge boathouse rents kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes to the visitors.

Other Activities

You can go for cycling in Georgetown Waterfront Park as well. There is a dedicated biking trail here, which runs alongside the park’s northern edge. You can rent bikes from Capital Bikeshare locations in Thompson Boat Center and Georgetown.

There are also few events held in the park, namely Sunset Cinema and Rowing Regattas. In the former event, you can watch a free outdoor cinema in the park, whereas the latter is a rowing event held on the Potomac River during each spring and fall. You can check the Georgetown Waterfront Park official website for knowing about the event dates and timing.

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