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The International Spy Museum is a unique and interesting place to visit for kids as well as adults. If you like spy movies, such as the James Bond films, then you may definitely want to go to the International Spy Museum during your Washington DC private tours. Below is a rundown of the things to see and do in the unique museum.

Visiting the International Spy Museum in DC

This is the best place to opt for to have a break between visiting all historic sites in DC. The International Spy Museum is a non-profit museum that is totally dedicated to the history, tradecraft, and modern-day role of espionage. Located at the Penn Quarter locality of Washington DC, the museum allows you to discover the legend of spies and about their intelligent operations.

This is the only museum in Washington DC that is completely dedicated to espionage. Furthermore, this is the one and only in the world that gives an international perspective on a profession that had a considerable impact on global events. You can go undercover as you enter and self-test your spying skills as you browse all the artifacts and gadgets here. There are also audio-video presentations that will teach you how to keep up with that cover throughout the way.

You can watch a collection of espionage artifacts on display here, which comprises of 200 gadgets, cameras, bugs, vehicles, weapons, and technologies. Die-hard James Bond fans can check out the all-new interactive exhibit of James Bond – ‘Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains’.

What’s more, there is an interactive event called ‘Spy in the City’ hosted in the museum as well, where you can actually solve a case. In the session, you will be provided with a GPS device and given the task of finding clues near specified locations, and thereby complete the mission of obtaining the secret code for unlocking a secret weapon.

Apart from that, you can explore through many rooms in the International Spy Museum having different themes, have fun enjoying the interactive activities, and listen to stories about the past spy missions. You can also know the stories about the spy crafts, self-test skill on observation, surveillance, analysis, and how you can disguise on the interactive spots.

History lovers can check out ‘The Secret History of History’ section, a series of galleries that tells the history of spying starting from the Biblical times to the twentieth century. It also reveals the historically well-known figures who were spymaster, including Daniel Defoe and George Washington.

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