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Washington DC is famous for its historical sites and political background. One of the famous attractions here is the International Spy Museum, which houses almost all spy-related artifacts. The famous international spy museum in Washington is opened on July 19, 2002, and is hardly 16 years old. Below are some interesting facts about International Spy Museum that you can observe during your next Washington DC tour.

Sole Spy Museum in the World

The International Spy Museum is the only museum in the world that is dedicated completely to spying and espionage. This is the only place where you can see and understand the nitty-gritty of the invisible profession that has great significance in the world.

All Types of Spy Artifacts

You can see the largest collection ever of spy artifacts here, from the 1950’s to till date. The main highlights in this wonderful museum include covert listening devices, invisible ink letters, decipher machines, disguised weapons, forged currency, miniature cameras, disguises created by Hollywood, etc.

It is Privately Owned

The International Spy Museum is actually privately owned and does not receive any help or funding from the government. You have to pay an admission fee in order to enjoy this incredible and wondrous museum.

Location Shift

The International Spy Museum is about to relocate to a L’Enfant Plaza in Washington. This project is expected to complete in 2018. There will be café, exhibit areas, and retail stores in the museum, unlike before.

Replica of Tunnel

One of the main and unbelievable attractions here is the replica of a tunnel in the East Berlin. This tunnel was once used by the US spies in order to tap the Soviet Union communication lines.

Spy in the City

If you have ever dreamed of being a spy, you can fulfill it here. There are interesting missions here called ‘spy in the city’ and ‘operation spy’. A GPS enabled device will be given to the visitors, and asked to set out on their mission of solving many mysteries. They will also provide some clues regarding the case. You have to use your wits and crack the clues in order to solve the mystery.

Invisible Ink Letter

The invisible ink letter is one of the oldest artifacts of the museum and is exhibited in the secret history section of the History Gallery. This invisible letter was written by US President George Washington during the American Revolution.


You can see a stuffed pigeon with camera in the aviation spying room. There are also some images in the room that were captured by this pigeon camera during World War I.

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