National World War II Memorial Reflects Forgone Past in the US History

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The National World War II Memorial pays tribute to millions of US citizens who had served in the armed forces, including over 400,000 people, who either paid the ultimate price for freedom during WWII or went missing during the war. The memorial along the National Mall is open to public round the year and is free to visit. It is run by the National Park Service and sits along the eastern side of Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

The easiest of ways to get to the World War II Memorial is to onboard a circular bus that takes tourists to most of the areas of interest along the National Mall. The best part of choosing Washington DC bus tours over subway metros is that you can take dedicated stops in the tourist attractions without having to miss highlights covered. There are many tour operators in DC providing bus tours along the Metrobus routes, so you can choose the best one that meets the itinerary.

Park rangers on duty along the National Mall provide interpretive programs upon request on an hourly basis over the course of a single day. The symbols of the triumphant campaign of the US Army during World War II are on display at the National Memorial. It has a fountain in the middle and up to fifty-six granite columns that are symbolic of the unity shown by 48 US states, 7 federal territories as well as the District of Columbia.

A dozen bas reliefs decorate the memorial’s exterior on either side, which can be seen up close just as one nears the Memorial plaza featuring two tall pavilions or two ‘Victory Arches’ with bronze baldacchinos that resemble canopies. The pavilion floors here have inscriptions that refer to the triumphant campaigns during WWII, and sculptural elements that honor the victories in the ocean theaters of the Pacific and the Atlantic.

One of the striking highlights of the National World War II Memorial is the ‘Freedom Wall’, featuring golden stars that commemorate over 400,000 US citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. There are over four thousand golden stars on the ‘Freedom Wall’, of the memorial and each of the stars represent up to hundred natives. Dozens of names conferred specifically for battles and WWII military campaign designations are inscribed on the wall alongside the words “Here we mark the price of freedom”.

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