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You might know at least a little bit history of many of the famous monuments in the US capital city. During your tours of Washington DC, the guides might have explained the history of the monuments. However, if you wanted to know more about Washington DC, below are some interesting things that you may have never heard of.

George Washington Never Lived in the White House

It might be quite surprising to know this fact. George Washington died before the White House was fully finished, making Jonh Adams the first president to live in the White House.

Only One President is Buried in DC

Woodrow Wilson is the only President of the United States who was buried in DC. Since his death in the year 1924, his body has been in the Washington National Cathedral.

There is an Empty Crypt under the US Capitol

The first President of the US, George Washington, was supposed to be buried in DC; however, he wanted to be laid to rest at Mount Vernon instead. Hence, the US Capitol has an empty crypt now.

The US Capitol is Not Totally American

A Scottish Doctor, William Thornton, designed the US Capitol Building. Jefferson and Washington held a contest to design the building, but they liked none of the entries received. Thornton submitted the design after the deadline; however, they liked it enough to choose.

DC Residents are a Diverse Bunch

Out of the 672,000 people living in Washington DC, 15% of the people speak a language other than English. The city also has around 175 embassies and international cultural centers.

Jackson and Jefferson Have Unique Statues

Due to the fact that metal was rationed during the Second World War, the real statue in the Thomas Jefferson Memorial was made up of plaster. The Andrew Jackson statue is in Lafayette Square.

The Washington Monument Used to Be the Tallest Structure in the World

This monument which is 555 feet and 5⅛ inches tall, held the title of being the tallest structure in the world for 5 years. It is quite alarming to know that this monument sways 0.125th of an inch every time the wind blows at 30 miles per hour.

DC’s Famous Cherry Blossoms are Not Totally American Either

The 3000 cherry blossom trees lined up along the Tidal Basin makes DC a top destination for travel during the spring. These trees were a gift from the Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo in 1912.

There are Two Different Colors in the Washington Monument

The US government took over the construction of this monument 25 years after the society ran out of funding. However, they used marble from a different quarry and these stones reacted differently to rain and erosion leading to different colors.

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