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Washington DC it is a perfect place to spend your vacations, even though it is mainly known for its political background and historic prominence. The main advantage when it comes to taking private tours Washington DC is that you do not have to plan early or wait for a particular season to explore this incredible place.

One of the interesting facts regarding Washington DC is that you can see a number of people speaking different tongue here. According to a study, four out of 10 households in the capital city of the United States speaks a language other than English. This proves the eclectic lifestyle of people living in this city, and with different lifestyle, you will get to see various cultures in Washington DC as well.

Exploring Washington DC

The US capital city boasts a number of wondrous architectural aesthetics that are worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Did you know that one of the famous constructions in the city, Washington Monument, was accidentally made using two different colors? What’s more, the Library of Congress in Washington City is actually the largest library in the world. The library houses 160,000,000 books that cover almost every topic under the sun. Similarly, the web of bridges, private subways, National Mall, the cherry trees, and all are sure to give you goose bumps.

When it is about your private tours Washington DC, the Lincoln Memorial, White House, Washington Monument, etc., are the iconic attractions included in the tour itinerary. However, most people prefer to do something unique and unconventional these days, be it regarding their activities or travel plans. If you want to make your holidays exceptional and exciting, consider the amazing and offbeat ideas given below to explore the city.

Visiting the National Monuments during Nighttime

Most of you would have visited the National monuments in Washington DC in the daytime, but have you ever wondered how these inimitable structures look at night? Actually, the latter option will be more interesting and memorable when compared to the normal way of doing it.

During the nighttime, you can contemplate on every single detail of the construction because there will not be tourist pandemonium, tiring queues, or scorching heat at this time. In fact, the starry sky, cool breeze, and the illuminated monuments are sure to lift up the overall experience to another level.

For instance, consider the Jefferson Memorial; you can carry a blanket and some munchies in order to enjoy a picnic at any of the pillars at the corners of the memorial. You can just lie down or sit down there enjoying the night-lights across the picturesque Potomac River.

Exploring the Logan Circle

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There are many spectacular neighborhoods in DC, which represent different cultures in the city. One of the trendy neighborhoods here that underwent a huge renovation and became stunning beyond recognition is the Logan Circle. The area is crammed with all the luxurious options such as high-end restaurants, designer boutiques, cozy pubs, cafes, etc.

In fact, you will be amazed to see that new restaurants or shops tend to open in this area almost every other week. However, you will have to do reservation beforehand if you want to relish your favorite food from any of the eateries here.

Apart from that, you can also see many old houses, fountains, lovely parks, etc., in this busy area. Note that there are no metro stations nearby Logan Circle and it will be wise to catch a taxi for your transportation.

A Trip to the Union Market

Located at 5th St NE of New York Avenue, the Union Market is a must-visit place for all the foodies out there. It is actually a year-round market that features a wide variety of artisan food dishes, food making products, food vendors, and all. There are two type of seating arrangements here: indoor communal eating area and outdoor café-style seating. You can choose one according to your convenience and enjoy your meal.

You can purchase unique items from the food vendors here such as fresh shucked-oysters, grapefruit rosemary soda, Korean Kimchi tacos, homemade ice creams, and many more; just make sure to explore Union Market when you are hungry, else you will regret your decision very badly.

Note that the market will be open from Tuesdays to Sundays and will be serviceable from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm. There are no metro stations near Union Market either, and hence, you will have to hire a taxi.

Shopping at Eastern Market

Apart from the Union Market, the Eastern Market is also a great option for all the food-lovers out there. This decades-old market is in the glory of successfully completing its 31 years of service and is still doing well. The market is located in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood and is famous for selling farm fresh products and hosting community events.

During the weekends, the market will be crammed with outdoors stalls that sell various homemade food, organic food items, crafts and artworks, etc. In simple words, the market will become more happening and alive on the weekends. So, it will be best if you can make it to the Eastern Market during the weekends when you are on Washington DC tours.

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