About Us

Headed out for your first visit to Washington DC? Are you feeling apprehensive about your lack of knowledge of the place, or is it simply too much to take in? We can help you make the best of your trip in the capital by giving you insights into both prominent and offbeat sights to see and things to do.

Many people have a list of things they want to do after visiting the nation’s capital, but several hurdles can beset the unprepared tourist. Did you know, for instance, that if you want to visit the White House, a request has to be submitted to someone in Congress, and that too, at least 21 days in advance? And that there are free museums and attractions you can visit, such as the Smithsonian museums? There are a ton of things about this city which will leave you in wonder, and others that will let you grab the best experiences a tourist can dream of. We intend to make sure you have both.

As a tour operator that has been assisting DC tourists in deriving pleasurable, engaging and fulfilling experiences, we know how to tailor your activities towards maximum enjoyment, whether you are interested in art, music, food, history, culture, or nature. DC can give you a memorable taste of all of those things, but you need to divvy up your time wisely if you want the whole package. Providing help with that is what we specialize in. We can tell you which of the counterculture spots and attractions to visit in your free time, how to avoid nasty queues, and the best time of day to visit each monument.

Armed with what we guarantee is the best set of tips and tricks for a DC tourist to have with them, you can go about the business of… well, touristing. If you want suggestions, we can help with that too. Based on whether you are here solo or in a group, your tastes, and how much time you can spare each day before getting back to your hotel, we can hook you up with an itinerary that makes sure you get a solid feel of life in Washington. Hopefully, when you suggest a DC visit to someone else, they will think you know what you are talking about, and we would get a new client to help out.