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The elusive Louvre museum has a lot of history behind it. It started as the Louvre Castle back in the 12th century. Later it became the residence of the King several times. Eventually, in 1793, the place was opened as a museum with 537 paintings, which were mostly confiscated church property. Below is a discussion on the history of the museum and its distinct pyramids that you can see on your private tour of the Louvre.

The History

The Louvre was a part of a huge palace built beside the fortress of Philip Augustus. It remained to serve as a royal residence until in 1682; Louis XIV moved the court to Versailles. In 1793, Musée Central des Arts was born. Afterward, under the rule of Napoleon, wings along rue de Rivoli and a wing to the north were initiated. In the 19th century, two more major wings opened along with their galleries and pavilions. After many renovations, the place was opened with more facilities. Later, the pyramid was built by American architect I.M. Pei. With the arrival of the pyramid, the museum gained a lot of attention. Today, it serves as the face of the museum. People love the sight of it and it has also helped the museum grow by attracting visitors.

The 5 Pyramids Of The Louvre

The pyramids that have been erected in front of the entrance have several hidden stories. The pyramid has been built using the proportion used in the Great Pyramid of Giza. The choice also respects the fact that there are numerous collections from Egypt within the museum.

The obelisk is yet another piece of metal not far away from the main pyramid. It is situated along the side of Jardin des Tuileries. There are three smaller pyramids to the company of the major one. The three have been added to help create shafts of light to improve the experience of the museum. The inverted pyramid can be viewed by going to the underground level while using the Carousel entrance to the Museum. It is suspended in the air in an upside down position. Due to the presence of diamond and triangle shaped glass panes, the pyramid gives an impression of a jewel.

The Louvre museum has a lot of history behind it. Rulers have come and gone, yet the structure remains to date. With the beautiful pyramids to adorn its exterior, Louvre is indeed a gem of a museum to visit.

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