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Gather around a dilapidated building in NYC and you can hear spooky tales about the city. For even more spookiness, you need a compilation list that covers all of the haunted houses and other areas that unearth the dark side of the city that never sleeps. Add the below places into your New York City tour itinerary to feel captivated and a little frightened.

Merchant’s House Museum

This 19th Century house, which belonged to the Tredwell Family, is listed as a National Historic Landmark. Further, it holds the distinction of being one of the most haunted places in Manhattan. Even the passer-by strolling through 29 East Fourth Street has reported paranormal instances in the house, including mysterious sounds and blinking lights, not to mention those to have visited the place.

The family had occupied the Old Merchant House until 1933, which was when Gertrude Tredwell had passed away. Since 1936, it has been open for public as a museum, serving as a reminder of the architecture of the bygone era and the merchant class family who had lived there.

Morris-Jumel Mansion

This museum cum historic landmark situated in Washington Heights has served as the temporary military headquarters of George Washington during the American Revolution. Along with his fellowmen, the First President of America had occupied the house for a few weeks during the 1770’s.

After several years, he held a cabinet meeting in 1790 even before Washington had become an official US state. It was occupied by several dignitaries other than him. The most notable of the lot was Eliza Burr, the spouse of Aaron Burr, the former US Vice President who served under Thomas Jefferson’s 1st term. In fact, Eliza Jumel occupied the house with her first husband Stephen Jumel in 1810, and went on to marry Aaron Burr after her former husband passed away; she occupied the house until her passing away in 1865.

What makes the mansion haunted are the urban legends, including school kids who reported seeing Jumel’s spirit when on a visit in the past, and sightings of a soldier on its staircase in the 1800’s.

New Amsterdam Theater

A theater where Broadway plays are often staged serves as an ideal place to chew on some myths. It is said that a chorus girl named Olive Thomas’s spirit was seen backstage by some visitors in the past. She had died in 1920 due to a drug overdose, which was speculated due to her husband’s cheating of syphilis medication.

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