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New York City is constantly changing and being more and more modern day by day. This is the same in the case with the churches in the city. Nevertheless, you would still be able to find some sacred cathedrals and historic churches there. If you set your eyes upon the photogenic architecture of these historic churches, you would actually be transported back in time. Some of the churches here do not host Holy Mass regularly, and some of the cathedrals have become the venues for events and concerts. Below are a couple of the most magnificent churches in the city, which you should visit during your New York City tours.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

It took almost 21 years to build this beautiful cathedral, which is constructed in the neo-Gothic architecture style. About five million people visit this church annually, and it is estimated that about one million candles are lit up here every year. This amazing cathedral has 21 altars and 19 bells, each of them named after a saint. This beautiful church also has over 2,800 colored glass panels, and a seating capacity of about 2,400.

In the underground vault, situated underneath high altar, are the graves of Eight Archbishops of New York. The Cardinal Timothy Dolan announced on March 17, 2012, that the church was to undergo a renovation on both the interior and the exterior. However, the renovation works stated by May 2015, and it took about $200 million to complete the process. About 18 to 15 Holy Masses are being conducted here daily, and the church also witnesses about 150 weddings each year.

The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

This beautiful Cathedral comes under New York’s Episcopal Diocese. This church is considered as the largest Anglican cathedral-church and the third largest Christian church in the globe. The cathedral is built in a High Gothic style with seven chapels, all of them named after different saints. The beautiful church is located in 1047 Amsterdam Avenue in New York.

You would be able to see a number of parking lots, a massive stone yard, and many types of equipment for the construction, which is under the conduct of lawsuit here. The construction of this church is actually not completed. It is estimated that it would take almost $100 million more to finish the construction of the church and that it could even take about seven hundred years for its completion, just like the other churches and cathedrals of the Medieval times.

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