A Guide to Using Internet Phone Service

Internet phone service is also known as Voice Over IP (voIP), IP telephony, internet telephony, or broadband phone. It is a way of making phone calls without using a phone line. Here the voice or multimedia content is transmitted over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This is an efficient and cost-effective way to make calls.

How Internet Phone Service Works?

Internet phone service works with the help of codecs, which is either a software process or a hardware device that compresses and decompresses data. It converts analog voice signals into digital signals. The signals are converted into data packets to transfer them over the IP network. At the receiving-end, these packets will be converted back to voice signals.

Different Methods of Using Internet Phone Services

  • With a phone and a VoIP adapter: You will be able to make internet calls from your landline phone using a special adapter. For this, you will have to plug in the adapter into your router or a phone socket in the wall.
  • With a computer: There are a large number of programs you can install on your computer that will help you to make internet calls. Some of them are Apple FaceTime, Skype, Google Talk etc. Some apps like Skype can be used to make calls to a mobile number or a regular landline. If the other person has also installed these apps, the call will be free. However, calling an actual number will cost you a small amount.
  • With a smartphone: With the help of some mobile apps it is also possible to make calls using your smartphone also. The above-mentioned applications can be installed in your mobile phone too. There are also many other apps which will help you to use internet phone services with your smartphones.

Equipment Needed for Internet Phone Service

The equipment you will need to use internet phone service will depend on which method you use. However, you will need a broadband connection which is preferably an unlimited one to make your internet call efficient. Following are the equipment needed for internet call based on which method you use:

With an adapter: For making an internet call with an adapter you will need a VoIP adapter and a compatible phone. You might also need a compatible router too if it plugs in to a router.

With a computer: For this, you will need a desktop computer or a laptop with internet connection, right software, speakers or a headset and a microphone.

With a smartphone: Needs a smartphone which is connected to Wi-Fi and the app for making internet call.

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