Breaking Down the Clothing Manufacturing Process

Clothing Manufacturing

If you are planning to own a fashion line, it is important for you to know different process and stages associated with it. Understanding these processes will help you to master the private label clothing industry. We are listing the steps involved in clothing manufacturing for you to know more about this industry.


The first step is to make a design for the garment that you are producing. Create a sketch of the design by adding every possible detail to it. In this step you will also have to establish different factors and details that will decide how your end product will look like. These factors include color, style, type of fabric, silhouettes, trims and finishes.

This design will go to software like CAD and Tech Pack for the clothing manufacturers to be able to get a sample of your product.

Material Production

This step is not directly linked to you, but is still a significant factor that you should know. It involves the production of fabrics and other associated materials that are needed to create your product.

Clothing Production

This is the stage where your design comes to life. Your product will become a reality in this step. For this, you will have to find a manufacturer that fits your requirements. The manufacturer will create samples of your product and if it is done correctly then you can start the production of your garments.

This might take up a lot of time and requires great patience. You have to go through CADs, Tech Packs and sample multiple times to perfect your design before beginning the production. This is very important because, if not done properly, the quality of your end product will be very poor and it might not reach up to your expectations.

Distribution & Retail

This is where your products finally reach the customers. You can either ship your product directly to the customers or can sell to some retailers to carry your brand. You should not rest until you ensure that the shipment was delivered to the customers or to the retailers on time without any damages.

Consumer Use

You have to know what happened to your product all the way till the end. Try to find out the acceptance that your product received. You need to know if people loved your product or if they wore in the apparel only once and never again. Another important factor you have to be aware of is, if your clothing was damaged after using or washing. This is very important as your products’ future depends on this.

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