Where To Find The Best CBD Oil In Washington DC

Cannabidiol or CBD procured from the hemp plant is legal almost everywhere in the US. The legislation may differ in some states and may have limitations on the kind of cannabidiol buyable in shops. Almost every CBD product contains small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, generally under 0.3%. A full-spectrum cannabidiol product does not usually affect a substance test for THC, and it has no psychoactive effect.

You can purchase the hemp derivative from a physical store in your place, or online. Either way, you may be able to find the best CBD oil in Washington DC provided you know where to look.

Best Online Stores To Purchase Cannabidiol In Washington DC


This is among the finest CBD brands that sell products on many online stores, physical shops, and its e-commerce website. The brand offers cannabidiol as tinctures, gummies, capsules, topicals, bath bombs, oils, and so forth. Besides normal people, it also offers CBD products for pets and athletes. Many professional sportspeople are part of ‘Team cbdMD’, and they act as ambassadors of the brand.

The cbdMD catalog has products that contain all the three kinds of available phytocannabinoid: ‘full-spectrum’, ‘broad-spectrum’, and ‘isolate’. It procures cannabidiol from industrial hemp cultivated on Kentucky’s farms and confirms that the plant has no genetically modified organism. After sourcing the plant, cbdMD extracts cannabinoids from it with the CO2 technique. It is among the safest phytocannabinoid extraction methods because it yields an extract with no toxin, residual solvent, or pesticide.

The brand also tests every product at SC Labs to confirm that it does not contain any heavy metal, toxin, residual solvent, etc.

Palm Organix

This brand offers very potent and pure CBD oil tinctures that have no THC content. None of its CBD items contains THC. The catalog includes CBD-infused products such as soft-gels, topicals, energy drinks, and gummies.

The brand states that its tinctures are made using the topmost PCR (phytocannabinoid-rich) hemp oil. The CBD oil items have organic ingredients, and these come with delicious flavors. The added flavors mask the earthy taste of cannabidiol tinctures and make the products refreshing and delicious.

The brand sells CBD products in the form of food supplements and states that it is not designed for treating, curing, or diagnosing diseases. It is yet to launch an outlet for CBD in DC, but you can purchase the product from its web store. The free delivery service is offered for any product anywhere in the United States of America.

Joy Organics

This is among the best CBD oil brands available in the US. True to the name of it, ‘Joy Organics’ uses excellent and fully organic hemp that is cultivated in the country. One of the founders of it, Joy Smith had some health issues and she found relief after using cannabidiol. It was Smith’s son who recommended CBD for her health issues. CBD reportedly helped her to deal with symptoms effectively, with no negative secondary effect. Smith was annoyed to know the inconsistency of the topical products out there, so she chose to launch the company with her loved ones.

Joy Organics has an extensive range of items that can support one’s health and welfare. The oils of it belong in the best products category, and these are available in some different dosages. So you can choose any product as per the dosage of your convenience. The website, Alexa rated it as the best CBD brand in the ‘broad spectrum’ category. For an uninitiated, a ‘broad-spectrum’ type CBD product has every phytocannabinoid except THC.

On Joy Organics online, expect to find products that range from tinctures to gummies to bath bombs, and everything in between. It also has stores in many parts of the US, except for Washington DC. Anyhow, it offers free delivery for every order in any place of the nation. So you can purchase a CBD product from its e-commerce website, and have it shipped to your DC residence for free.

Charlotte’s Web

This company produces and distributes hemp-based cannabidiol goods, including CBD oils, topicals, capsules, and pet products. Siblings namely Joel, Jesse, Jared, Jordan, Jon, Austin, and Josh Stanley found the company in tribute of an American teenager named Charlotte Figi.

She used CBD for seizure symptoms of a rare form of epilepsy, known as ‘Dravet syndrome’. After becoming an overnight sensation, thanks to a TV program on CNN, she inspired America’s medical cannabis and cannabidiol movement. The company named after her offers premium CBD products that contain every industrial hemp-based phytocannabinoid. So using any of its full-spectrum cannabidiol products will give you the entourage effect. For your information, it is the useful effect of all hemp cannabinoids acting together.

Charlotte’s Web products are available in select physical stores, and on the company site. The CBD oils available on the website come in flavors namely ‘Olive Oil’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Lemon Twist’, and ‘Orange Blossom’. The online store provides delivery in any American state; the service is free for any order that costs more than $74.99.


It may be a new entrant into the cannabidiol industry, but JustCBD has found a place in the list of the finest CBD product manufacturers in America. It offers a wide variety of CBD items, thus providing many different ways to use the hemp-based cannabinoid. For example, vape cartridges, flavored oils, and vape pens are available for CBD vaping enthusiasts. There are also numerous CBD oil tinctures on the website for sublingual consumption, plus topicals and bar soaps and bath bombs filled with cannabidiol.

Every product on the e-commerce store contains below 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol, so it has no mind-altering effect. Besides, each product of it is produced domestically, so it will have high quality. For an uninitiated, the sublingual use of CBD means putting some drops of the oil below the tongue and swallowing the liquid after some seconds. Experts say you have to hold the oil underneath the organ for a minute or so to take full advantage of the product.

Cannabidiol-filled gummies and protein bars are more popular products than CBD oils available in JustCBD’s online catalog. Two unique items are its Halloween-themed CBD gummies and sugar-free candies. CBD gummies are edible candies filled with cannabidiol, and these offer an easy and discrete way to consume the hemp substance. Unlike vaping or some other methods, you can use the candies without anyone noticing.

JustCBD delivers any product that costs more than $20 for free to anywhere in the continental United States.

District Hemp Botanicals

This wellness store chain offers mainly CBD products, which are usable for health and welfare purpose. It has a store in Washington DC’s Dupont Circle, and two outlets in Virginia. The CBD outlet in the DC neighborhood was opened in September 2019, and it offers cannabidiol in the forms of balms, tinctures, waters, and pet treats. You can also find these and more products on the website of District Hemp Botanicals.

A woman named Barbara Biddle owns the chain of cannabidiol product outlets. Biddle experienced postpartum depression some years ago, and she tried cannabidiol to deal with symptoms of the health condition. She told the Washington Post that the use of cannabidiol caused her to “feel normal again.”

There is a parking facility behind the outlet in Washington DC. There is not much information about District Hemp Botanicals’ delivery on the internet except that the service is free for every order.


This company not only runs a physical CBD store in Adams Morgan, but it also offers cannabidiol products through its e-commerce website. Delivery is free in the US for every domestic order of over $50.

The company’s web catalog is formed based on the top-selling goods in the Washington DC-based physical store. Grass&Co has many products, including CBD oils, CBD vapes, hemp flowers, and CBD topicals. Every product at Grass&Co. is laboratory-approved, and CBD tinctures have suggested dosing and use directions.

There may be no government regulation, but good companies in the cannabidiol sector take proper measures for public health and safety. If you know what cannabidiol is, then you might also be aware of where to find some of the best CBD products in DC.

Takoma Wellness Center

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn and his family own Takoma Wellness Center, the biggest medical cannabis dispensary in Washington DC. It is among DC’s few dispensaries authorized to sell medical marijuana products to eligible patients.

Kahn is a DC native, and his dispensary sells many different marijuana-based products. There are CBD-dominant products and items that contain more THC than cannabidiol. CBD oil tinctures are available in the store, but it mainly sells cannabis Sativa flowers and other marijuana varieties. Besides, a broad range of vaporizers, pipes, cases, grinders, rolling papers, etc., are also available in the store.

To purchase any of its marijuana-based products, you need to have a medical cannabis card. It is possible to buy marijuana-based cannabidiol for a medical purpose from only an authorized dispensary using the card. If you are a non-DC resident, then you might have to visit the store by taking your identity card and that state’s government-issued medical cannabis card. This means that you need to have a medical condition that qualifies you for the card in any state of the US.

The physical store has a free parking facility. Besides, the Takoma subway station is just around the corner, so there are some different ways for you to get there. Takoma Wellness Center also operates an e-commerce website where you can find some of these products. The family is also known for being a long-time proponent of medical cannabis.

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