Forms Of Legal Will In The State Of Israel

A Will is a legal document to claim one’s inheritance. Israel’s legislation recognizes four forms of Will, which are as follows. You might want to familiarize with these if you plan to get inheritance property in Israel. The nation has many real estate assets whose inheritance are yet to be claimed.

A Handwritten Will

A testator writes this form of Will in Israel. When creating the document, they instruct how they wish to have their estate being divided following their demise. Israeli legal authorities or an attorney will look at the document after that testator’s demise. So, it is likely for them to find mistakes in the document, which may cause the cancellation of it. Even a rookie Israel lawyer in the US might just spot the mistakes. So, we would not suggest drawing up this Will for those individuals who are unfamiliar with legal instructions.

A Verbal Will

When an individual on their deathbed wishes to verbally leave their property to others, two conditions have to be met. Firstly, they should do it with two witnesses present at their place. Secondly, the witnesses must make a protocol around the delivery day of the legal document, and they must submit the protocol to the inheritance affairs registrar. This form of Will is usually valid for just a month from when the life threat to the concerned testator ends, granted that they are still alive.

A Verbal Will In Front Of A Legal Authority

This Israel Will is also given in the verbal form before a notary, registrar or judge. As per the Inheritance Law, Section 22, Israel authorizes those three individuals to confirm the following things.

  • That the document is drawn up where they are present; and,
  • That it is legal.

A Will Written In Front Of Witnesses

Two witnesses should sign a written Will in order for the document to be legally valid. An attorney draws up this form of Will, so it is more common than all other types. The legal professional doing it makes the Will more secure. The action also makes it more likely for the document to be legally valid following the demise of the concerned testator.

Everyone aged above 18 years who the legislation has not ruled disqualified, may not act in the capacity of a witness. For this and several other reasons, we suggest talking about drawing up the document to an attorney in Israel.

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