Traveling Abroad? Ensure Your Cell Service?

A poor cellular network is the last thing you want when you are travelling abroad. Picture yourself touring through the cosmopolitan city of Washington DC amused by the idea of visiting world renowned museums and famous buildings. The beauty of the thought is destroyed the moment you picture yourself walking around the lanes of Washington DC checking out your cell phones continuously for signal.

To avoid the possibility of weakened cellular signals, you should get the best cell phone signal booster before you pack your bags for your foreign trip. These boosters can help improve signal reception easily.

Working Of Cell Phone Booster

Cell phone booster works by pulling in weak cellular signals available outside. After the signals are collected, amplifying unit of the cellular signal booster amplifies the signals, which are then rebroadcasted to the required points by the internal antenna.

Components Of Signal Booster

Outside Antenna

The first step in signal boosting is the collection of external cellular signals by the outside antenna. The outside antenna is mounted on the roof of houses or vehicle tops.

Two types of outside antennas are:

Omni-Directional Antenna

Omni-directional antenna pulls in the signals from a 360 degree angle indicating that it is efficient to collect multiple carrier signals. This types of antenna suits locations that receive signals from multiple carriers.

Uni-Directional Antenna      

The antenna is shaped like a triangle and works in a 45 degree angle enabling the antenna to reach farther distances than omni-directional antennas would. uni-directional antenna suits remote locations that receive transmissions from a single cell tower. This antenna has to be directed towards the transmitting tower.


Major signal boosting function of cellular signal booster is performed by the amplifier. Most of the amplifiers have a range of 500 sq feet to 7000 sq feet, with the outside signal strength playing a crucial role in deciding the expected range of the amplifier.

The signal level of cell phones fall in the -50 to -120 dB range, and as the signals near to -120 dB, the signal quality decreases. -120 dB signal strength corresponds to dead zone.

A good home amplifier should have a dB gain that is not less than +60dB, with powerful home amplifiers coming with a gain of +70 dB. dB gains up to +25 dB will suit cars well, and the best car amplifier units having a range of up to +50dB.

If you are going abroad, you can buy a portable cell phone booster that can be fitted in the places that you are going to stay, as well as the vehicles that you are travelling. Carrying and handling them is quite simple, and the plug and play format in which it comes makes things even easier.

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