10 Must-Try Things to Do during a Trip to Georgetown

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No matter whether you are into scenic sightseeing or looking forward to doing some spectral stuff during the Halloween, the Georgetown neighborhood has plenty of things to furnish your needs. The oldest existing neighborhood in Washington DC is rife with charm, Michelin-accredited restaurants, and fantastic family-friendly events. Below is a list of ten things you must try out during your private tours Washington DC. Cherry pick your adventures – from the waterfront in the District all the way up to the Book Hill area – and explore the age-old Georgetown area to the fullest.

Check out the Exorcist Steps

Towards the climax of The Exorcist movie, a supernatural being throws one of the characters out of a window of a red-clad brick house at a corner of the 36th Street and Prospect Street. Since the release of the William Friedkin directorial, The Exorcist Steps have been a cult destination coveted by early morning joggers as well as movie enthusiasts who come here during the night. If you are on private Washington DC tours any time of the year, the prospect of visiting The Exorcist Steps can still be spine chilling. However, if you want to scare the living daylights out of somebody, or stage a surprise proposal, this area is a must-visit during Halloween too.

Explore the Dumbarton Oaks

Lush and secluded, the real estate of this gorgeous park in the District has been described as being similar to a ‘Secret Garden’. It is no wonder why Dumbarton Oaks is described that way; it has manicured greenery, classical fountains and winding paths set in a 27-acre plot that sits on top of the biggest hill in the Georgetown neighborhood. A nearby museum specializes in pre-Columbian and Byzantine art.

Do Some Activities on the Potomac River

The waterfront in the neighborhood offers an array of on-the-water activities, so head down to the flanks of the Potomac River for something adventurous. Pick up a standup paddleboard or a kayak at a nearby boathouse and enjoy picturesque panoramic views of the Virginia and Washington DC skylines. In the process of moving through the water on a kayak or paddleboard, you can get a good workout too so that is double the pleasure.

Stroll along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

At a time when the DC neighborhood was a tobacco port, Georgetown’s Chesapeake and Ohio Canal started its mile-long route right in the nation’s capital. Nowadays, what remains is an unhurried and picturesque canal towpath that is ideal for walking, bicycling, and running, or simply pausing for a breath of fresh air.

Visit the Tudor Place

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This historic mansion has been a permanent fixture in the capital city of the US since the early 1800’s, serving as a residence to Martha Washington’s descendants for many generations. Inside the gorgeous mansion, you can discover household items, furnishings and fascinating artifacts related to Washington. Besides, the gardens spread across acres of space on its estate make for a scenic and wondrous outdoor trip.

Ogle Famous Georgetown Residences

The neighborhood has been home to plenty of celebrities. For one, Julia Child taught lessons in cooking and trialed recipes for cookbook while residing in the wood-frame yellow residence at 2706 Olive Street during the 1950’s. In the recent past, the house was sold for close to $1 million. Else, learn about the Kennedy family’s history, comprising a visit to the residence at 3307 N Street, where John F. Kennedy lived while he was in the running for the American President.

Catch Live Jazz at the Jazz Club Blues Alley

This supper-club style jazz venue is nestled away in an alley or carriage house. It plays host to live performances by jazz musicians about every night and all the year round. Through the jazz club’s history, legendary performers like Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, and Tonny Bennett have entertained guests at the DC venue.

Put your Thinking Caps on at the Escape Room Live

Are you looking forward to experiencing something one of a kind than playing a video game within the four walls? If so, try this Escape Room game in Georgetown, in which the participants are required to decipher hints to escape from a locked space or room. The location has three distinct themed rooms.

Marvel at the House of Sweden’s Architecture

This Georgetown building, which houses the embassies of both Iceland and Sweden, is an example of Scandinavian-style architecture. It frequently plays host to events such as jazz and yoga on the terrace and exhibits on several topics, like an exhibition that celebrates the Swedish actor Ingrid Bergman.

Take a Trip to Book Hill Area

Independent and small boutiques, restaurants and galleries make up this charming area, situated along the Wisconsin Avenue or from the O Street to the Reservoir Road to be precise. From the Book Hill Park, you can take in a scenic view of the Georgetown area, the river Potomac and Virginia. So make that part of your private tours Washington DC itinerary as well.

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