15 Most Instagram-Worthy Sites in Washington DC

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People take to social media and post photographs of beautiful locations they have visited. If you are planning to take private Washington DC tours anytime soon, you will want to know the best photo-worthy places here. From the popular places such as the Tidal Basin and the Washington Monument to off the beaten paths such as the Blagden Alley, there is something or the other in the District for both locals and tourists. So grab your high-resolution camera and take to the following sites best suited for personal photography.

The National Arboretum

With acres of picturesque fields, trails, as well as, the Capitol Columns, visitors can spend a good couple of hours at the National Arboretum. When on a daytime trip, a stop by it is a must. It also holds a group of one of a kind Bonsai trees that you can view seasonally.

The Blind Whino

The former church turned event space attracts a lot of people with its colorful mural in its exterior. It is a sight to behold, and hosts many art shows too.

The Union Market

The Union Market is rife with unique stores, coffee shops, as well as food stands. It is an outdoor location to explore. Covered in murals that periodically change, you are sure to find something or the other to capture with your camera here. One of its most popular sights is the wall full of colorful hearts.

The United States Capitol

The Capitol Building is tough to miss. In the midst of DC, it looks great at any time of the day. Besides, in case you are an early riser, come here around sunrise time to snap the reflecting pool. It offers a gorgeous reflection of the building and the morning sky.

The National Gallery of Art

This art gallery, with an attached sculpture garden, offers a lot of picture-perfect sights. Some of its most noteworthy things to explore are its basement light tunnel and the large blue Rooster sculpture on the top of its East Building. It is something that you can spot from a distance away from the street. Of course, the art gallery designed by I. M. Pei is in and of itself an architectural marvel.

Washington National Cathedral

The architecture of the Washington National Cathedral includes a stained glass window, which features a lunar rock. This moon rock was gifted to it by the astronauts who went to space on the Apollo 11 Mission. On its exterior, you can see a “Darth Vader” gargoyle if you observe carefully. If you are a shutterbug, the gargoyle devoted to the “Stars Wars” antagonist is another one to capture in your camera.

The National Portrait Gallery

This art gallery in Chinatown is situated proximate to the Capital One Arena. The building, full of impressive courtyards and hallways, also has a lot of unique art exhibitions to photograph.

The United States Botanic Garden

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In case you are a nature lover, then do visit this botanic garden along 100 Maryland Ave SW. It has different rooms that feature different environments, as well as, distinctive series of plants. If you have the US Capitol on your private Washington DC tours itinerary, then make it a point to add the botanic garden to your list of places to visit as well.

The Exorcist Steps

The Exorcist Steps in Georgetown has been a cult attraction since the 1973 horror classic movie, directed by William Friedkin, was released. Not that you cannot come here early morning and get somewhat freaked out by it, but the night is the ideal time to visit the site. Of course, capturing these steps from the bottom to the top takes a lot of daytime photography skills from a shutterbug.

The House with Watermelon Mural

There is a house along 112 Q Street NW with a large watermelon mural on its side. The house is made instantly recognizable owing to the smattering of colors on its exterior.

Murals in Blagden Alley

Blagden Alley is full of interesting murals, none more so than the one referred to as the “Love Mural”. The colors form the four magical letters on exterior walls next to one another.


CityCenterDC’s main alley is always decorated for all seasons; from wintertime to autumn especially, there is always something or the other to photograph here. This is also the place to shop until you drop when on private Washington DC tours.

The Bridge at the Yards Park

This waterfront destination is home to great restaurants and an impressive bridge. It is ideal for portrait photography.

The Friendship Archway in Chinatown

Much of Chinatown is about symbols. The restaurants, characters on its street signs, and lampposts, all have a Chinese touch to it. The most enduring and striking symbol of them all is the friendship arch. It is impressive by day or night.

The Union Station

The majestic hall in this railway station has gorgeously painted gold ceilings. Come here by day during DC bus tours for an Instagram-worthy snap.

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