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The National Air and Space Museum owned by the Smithsonian Institution resides adjacent to the National Mall. This makes accessing the museum in Washington DC mostly easy with all kinds of transportation available to take you there including circulation bus and metro rail. You may want to go there to understand aerospace history and even encounter vistas rivaled by real space exploration.

There are many different ways to get to the museum in the city capital. If you are staying a few blocks away from the National Mall, you may want to scale up the steps leading up to the foyer. If you are all for driving, there are parking spots too near the museum. However, renting a bicycle and cruising through the foyer may seem just as adventurous as visiting the breakthrough collections in person.

Remember, you should prep and do a bit of research if you love aerospace prior to journeying to one of the best museums in the world. Below are some tips to help your itinerary to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

Pack Light

All of the visitors need to go through a security check at the museum entrance, so pack light to avoid an extended stay at the gate. In fact, the more personal belongings you may take, the more bags you would need, and henceforth the longer would be the pathway ahead. So try to keep one bag apiece as much as possible to reach the exhibit floors as soon as possible.

Have a Snack

Food and beverages are not allowed on the exhibition floors in the National Air and Space Museum except for bottled water. However, there are staff inside the museum and you can seek their help to grab fast food and coffee if you need.

Download an Inside Map

The museum offers visitors wireless access to their to SI-VISITOR network for internet browsing, so take your tablet with you. Additionally, download the inside map of the museum when there, so that you can navigate through the artifacts without any hassle.

As is the case with any large museum navigation can be a challenge for the growing number of visitors. At the museum for space exploration and history buffs, the collections are aplenty which amount to 60,000. There are elevators to help you climb up the levels faster, but since gift shops are placed on two levels, you may also never mind climbing by foot.

While you are it, download an inside map which covers most of the exhibit floors and levels. If you have a private tour guide to assist you with the navigation, you are on the right path.

Points to Note

Photography is permissible inside the museum as long as it is for exploration and fun and not for commercial purposes like publishing in a journal. However, you should get the permission from the authoritative people to photograph the celestial collections. Even if you are planning to capture a few snaps, try using less flash in order to get the right composition and avoid orbs, which may hinder the snap. Using an aperture and a Tripod would be ideal; better yet capture in a single shot mode without flash for the clear photos.

There are planes that hang from the ceiling in the museum, while some are on the floor. What would be better than seeing the one flown by the pioneering Wright Brothers for the first time four miles apart from the Kitty Hawk and Amelia Earhart’s “The Canary”?

The National Air and Space Museum also houses the world’s first heavier-than-air aircraft, which is one of the breakthroughs on display in the one of a kind museum. Other highlights in the museum include the Einstein Planetarium and the IMAX Theater that displays documentary films related to aerospace, exploration, Normandy Invasion, and so forth, as per specific timings. If you are a fan, you may want to take a walkthrough covering the two floors and about twenty-two exhibition areas inside the museum as well.

Note that some of the collections featured in the exhibit floors would rotate from time to time even though most remains at its permanent place forever. Just as you navigate the museum slowly but steadily, try to focus on a given area one at a time since the galleries here are overwhelming and expansive. If you feel hungry with all the breathtaking sights and walking around, go to the Wright Place Food Court in the museum and enjoy the special menus from the chain restaurants. Do not forget to buy merchandized gift toys for your kids too just so they also feel happy being there.

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