An Exciting Trip to the Penn Quarter and China Town

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Washington DC offers plenty of attractions for almost every kind of person; be they adrenaline junkie, history buff, architecture, nature-lover, or any other type of enthusiast. Unsurprisingly, this city is now one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. There are many amazing and buzzing neighborhoods in DC that have something in store for everyone. For instance, consider the Penn Quarter and China Town. These neighborhoods are crammed full of various tourist attractions, such as museums, affordable and high-end shopping outlets, food streets, wall art, entertainment activities, exciting sports, and more.

This area is functional 24X7. While exploring the streets, try not to get so amazed at the sights that you keep staring and have passersby bump into you, such as the 60 feet high archways resembling a Chinese structure, and the street filled with bright neon lights. You can expect heavy pedestrian traffic among the happening restaurants and pubs, elaborated stores, etc, in this locality. Venture out to this energetic place to make sure you enjoy your holidays to the core. Below are some of the different activities that you can witness in this vibrant urban hub.

Explore All the Off Beaten Museums

People visiting DC tend to visit just the museums along the National Mall, but to take your museum-hopping to the next level, you may want to explore the Newseum, which is dedicated to various news related to the history of the United States. One of the interesting displays here is the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery. Another unique museum that you may visit is the International Spy Museum; this would be a great experience if you are on a family vacation. Here, there are interactive activities in which you can play at being a spy. The staff member would give you a case and some codes; you have to solve the mystery using that and your head. On top of this, you can also see some professional spy equipment which were used back in the day.

Madame Tussauds is another option that you may try, if you are not interested in seeing just the images of the various celebrities and politicians. Here, you can see wax busts of many important personalities who played a great role in the American history. The Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Museum also exhibits many interesting things that will let you discover some fascinating details about civil war history.

Do Some Extravagant Shopping

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One of the best things you can do in DC is luxurious shopping. In fact, you will likely not be able to resist after reaching the City Center, which spans 10 acres of land with stylish walkways and glassy streets. It houses multiple top-notch boutiques that include a multilevel Dior outlet, dazzling Italian cashmere stores, and some majestic restaurants. The glass ceiling of the street would usually be decorated using multicolored balloons, flowers, string lights, and all. The best time to visit is at night, since the street would be completely illuminated then.

If you are on a budget, do some window shopping at this amazing shopping hub. In addition, click a few Instagram-worthy photos while here. In fact, some high-end brands frequently hold photo shoots at this place. If you are lucky you could even catch celebrities doing that while you are out exploring this stunning locality. There are also some street vendors in this area who sell mouth-watering dishes. Many of them sell tasty food at relatively cheap prices.

Best Place for Food Lovers

One of the main things most people yearn to try out during their holidays is the authentic local food, including items of the more bizarre kind. The Penn Quarter and China Town have just what they need. One of the best places here to get a taste of local cuisine is the restaurant of Jose Andres, a popular Spanish-American chef. He has been honored with the James Beard Award, which attests to the quality and taste of the restaurant’s food. He has three restaurants in Penn Quarter: Zaytinya, which mainly focuses on Greek and Turkish cuisines, Oyamel, which is popular for their Mexican dishes, and the Jaleo, which would be a perfect option for all Spanish cuisine enthusiasts.

There are many amazing coffee bars as well in this area, especially in the City Center. For instance, consider Dolcezza, which is part museum as well. The interior of Dolcezza is quite welcoming, and you can see many exhibits here that are associated with coffee making. Many past visitors report being amazed at the expertise and art involved in the coffee making done here. If you love authentic Chinese food such as dim sums, roasted duck, noodles, etc, any of the restaurants located in the China Town would be perfect for you, the best of them being Reren.

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