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Even though Washington is not very popular for smoky and meaty things, the barbecue shops of the city have lately evolved by recreating the flavors of Texas, North Carolina, and Kansas City. So get off at one the below places while you are on your DC bus tours, and experience the best barbeques the US capital has to offer.

Rocklands BBQ

The small chain of barbecue shops started by John Snedden during the early 90’s was the first shops to prepare a hundred percent wood-smoked meats. This shop also features a homemade sauce, which is made from a flavorful brew loaded with onions and it is made warm to dribble on an assortment of meat (including chicken, ribs, lamb, and split sausages). Two of their tasty side dishes are the corn pudding spiced up with pickled jalapeños and the mac and cheese with chili-cheddar sauce. This is the best place for you if you are longing for smoked meat.

Federalist Pig

This one serves barbecues that have an influence from a large scale of grilling cultures, which comes from many places around the whole world. They prepare barbecues using various cooking techniques and use different rubs and woods to prepare these delicacies. Most of the side dishes prepared at this place are meatless though, which include smoked mushroom and smoked cauliflower. You would get one of the city’s best vegan barbecues here.

Black Hog

You would be able to find three of these shops in the Frederick area. They prepare a barbecue in a number of styles at this place. They also have numerous side dishes. The pulled pork shoulder, Crimson-sauced Arkansas brisket, and salty-sweet pit ham are some of the specialties of this restaurant. They also serve St. Louis cut ribs in two ways here; either by dry rubbing them in pepper, spice, and sugar and then smoking it, or by smearing them in the sweet sauce. Both of them are truly delicious and must-try dishes.

Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster Barbeque

Myron Mixon, who is a four-time grand barbeque champion in the world, created this spectacular spot with his mouthwatering recipes. This restaurant is quite a new restaurant started in 2017 by Mixon together with Joe Corey and Bill McFadden. The restaurant has a dining room with the capacity to hold about 200 people. Some of the specialties of this restaurant are baby back mac and cheese, jacks peach BBQ baked beans, and dry rubbed wings. If you would like to try out everything from this restaurant, just order the three-meat plate.

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