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If you are a lover of books and are on your private Washington DC tours, there are some amazing places you have to add to your itinerary. There are some amazing libraries in the city where you can explore internationally important book titles. Some of the most important historical books and documents are preserved in the libraries of the city. You have much to see and do on your visit to these libraries in Washington DC.

Library of Congress

This is one of the most famous and biggest libraries in the world. It is an apt center to get references for your research works. Otherwise, also the architectural design of the building is stunning and worth seeing. Even if you are not a book lover or researcher, you may visit the library to enjoy its beautiful aura.

Once you come to the building, you can see the wonderful architectural style of the 18th and 19th centuries. This style was based on the principles of French neoclassicism. The Gothic and Renaissance elements were also included in it. This architectural style known as Beaux Arts architecture makes the library building a beautiful monument. There are the marble halls, Corinthian columns, and murals inside the building.

There is a wonderful collection of books to behold here. The famous Gutenberg Bible is kept here for the public view. You can also see the book collection that Thomas Jefferson had. It is estimated that there are 160 million items in the library. This includes 37 million books and print documents, 14 million photos, 69 million manuscripts, more than 5 million maps, 3.5 million recordings, etc. If you are searching for something, in particular, there is the library staff who can help and guide you in finding the one you want. The items are of 450 different languages.

Folger Shakespeare Library

This is the library that houses the biggest collection of the printed works of William Shakespeare. There are also some unique collections of art pieces, manuscripts, and books written at the time of the Renaissance. It is also a research library and offers advanced study programs in humanities.

There is a great provision for the encouragement of art and culture here. There are theater shows, screenings, lectures, exhibitions, poetry, etc.

Georgetown Public Library

This library retains its old charm with its beautiful wooden walls. There are three floors of which the first two will be open every day. The third floor houses a special collection of books. There is an awesome magazine collection here. There are also places where children’s programs are hosted.

Ascertain your visit to these libraries during your private Washington DC tours.

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