Best Restaurants in Washington DC you Need to Visit

Private Washington DC Tours

Private Washington DC Tours

Washington DC offers a lot for food lovers. From its traditional native cuisine to a variety of international tastes, it is truly a heaven for foodies. There are a lot of restaurants, cafés and hotels in Washington DC that offers a wide range of cuisines from all over the world. Going on a food tour to explore the delicious tastes of DC will be an amazing experience for you during your private Washington DC tours. Therefore, we list some wonderful restaurants in Washington DC that will enthrall you with its rich tastes.

Del Mar

This restaurant is famous for its splendid Italian cuisine and now they are venturing into including the realm of Spanish tapas into their menu. This restaurant is not only popular for its wonderful dishes, but also for its spectacular ambiance. The interiors of this restaurant is a blend of vivid colors and magnificent patterns. From the ceiling and tiles to plates and the staff’s uniform, it oozes out energy and color. This is also a fantastic place for seafood lovers as it serves some delicious seafood recipes.

Bad Saint

Situated in Columbia Heights, this is a non-reservations restaurant that usually draws a line. The restaurant is a small one with only 24 seats that are packed in a congested space. It serves some wonderful Filipino dishes that will leave you wanting more and more. The menu of this restaurant changes frequently with the addition of new dishes every now and then. The famous dishes include adobo with turmeric, chicken along with burnt coconut, and ukoy, which is a fritter with sweet potato and shrimp. Despite its small size, this restaurant managed to gain huge popularity.


It serves a variety of tastes. The dishes here are inspired by different cities including Nigeria, Bronx, Trinidad, etc. The main attractions include buttery plates of rice and shrimp, Jamaican jerk chicken, West African staples with monkfish, etc.

The Oval Room

This is a fine dining restaurant with a refined dining room and a great ambiance. It is more than 20 years old and is situated near the White House. If you are craving for a wonderful dining experience, this is a great choice.


This restaurant is situated in the U Street and serves dishes from different cuisines. There is a gigantic fire pit featured here, in which a lot of items are cooked. It serves Mediterranean and North African dishes. You can eat to your heart’s content in this fabulous restaurant.

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