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Washington DC is famous for the history and nationality associated with it. However, there is no shortage of stores or markets to get yourself some great souvenirs while returning after your DC bus tours. Below is a discussion on some of the best souvenir stores you can visit in Washington DC.


Tabletop is a great place if you are looking to get a gift that is unique. You will find gifts with a designer’s touch in this store. It offers great design products for the kitchen, house, and desk. You can even find small items like cards and similar objects here.

There are several items like tote bags, flasks, aprons, espresso glasses, and much more. It is impossible to get out without buying anything because of the attractive nature of the items on sale. Every corner has something valuable to offer.

The Phoenix

This store is 60 years old and has won lifetime achievement awards for its management of great objects. They trade jewelry items from Israel, Germany, and imports from Mexico. They began this business after the owner’s family returned from a worldwide journey and they wanted to distribute their collections among their community. The Pheonix also has fashion items from major names like Eileen Fisher. Besides, there are other home items acquired from other countries. Their collection of Italian leather handbags and fine jewelry is worth noting while you go shopping.

Union Market

This is a place that holds different kinds of seasonal fairs with food artisans. This market stays open throughout the year as it is indoors. They also offer outdoor seating for the hotter months. The store is characterized by a glass from the floor to the ceiling. An open floor plan is in place as it allows the food artisans to organize their stands.

Union Market also tries to bring entrepreneurial vibe for pop-up artists and food artisans. It promotes artists by giving them space and much-needed exposure to the public. You can find food trucks and seasonal craft fairs right outside the market. Famous local artists like Bidwell and Dolcezza also feature here.

Busboys And Poets

This is a bookstore/art space/café which was introduced by Langston Hughes, who used to be a busboy at a hotel before achieving glory as an American poet. This space is dedicated to community sharing and conversations along with books of different genres and of international, national, and local importance.

Washington DC has its own share of attractive spaces to pick up souvenirs when you return home. Make sure you go through some of the above while on your tour to DC.

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