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Washington DC has a series of attractions lined up one after the other for every kind of visitor. If you are someone who admires the street life and the various attractions that urban streets have to offer, then Washington DC is the right place to be. Below are a few of the best streets that you must explore on your DC bus tours.

M Street NW

The M Street is one of the most famous historic places in DC. You can taste the fusion zucchini tacos at Chaia here, or try your hand at bowling at the hippest bar near Pinstripes. Besides, there is quite a collection of shopping outlets, with Steve Madden, Buffalo River, and Urban Outfitters to name a few. Keep walking on along the sidewalks made of bricks and you will end up at the Potomac River.

Minnesota Avenue

You can cross the Potomac River from the M Street to reach the Minnesota Avenue. This is a less crowded spot for tourists, but it is no less when compared to the west side of the river in terms of beauty. When here, stop by at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to seep into the peaceful ambiance of the area.

U Street

One of the most vibrant streets in the city, the U Street is always alive – whether it is day or night. Easily accessible through DC bus tours, the main attraction of the street is the famous bar strip. Daytime attractions include Ben’s Chilli Bowl, which serves quite a few delicacies, while a specialty you can admire here is the African American murals lining the alley. The street is also home to a number of craft beers, and the place bounces high in party ambiance at nighttime.

14th Street

The 14th Street extends from the southwest to the northwest corridor of DC. It is famous for gangs of skateboarders practicing their killer moves on the street, especially at the Freedom Plaza. Go a bit further northwards to enjoy an indie show at Black Cat, or try the milkshake at Ted’s Bulletin. When here, make sure to extend your Washington DC tours and shop by at the famous antique store, Miss Pixies.

18th Street NW

This street is full of attractive places. For starters, you can visit any of the Jumbo slice locations and taste a single torso-sized slice of pizza, or pay a visit to the underground attraction, Smash Records, and take a brief detour through the oldies. There is also an option of visiting the Tryst, which serves delicious waffles and trendy cappuccinos. There is no questioning that 18th Street will be one of the most memorable stories of your tours in Washington DC.

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