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Even though Washington DC is mainly known for its political background and astonishing architectures, the city also offers many exciting and thrilling things to do. There are many adventure activities conducted in the city such as hiking, bike riding, and many more. It is to be noted that the best and economical way to explore DC is by availing any DC bus tours rather than the walking tours, especially when you are on a family vacation.

One of the best things that you can do in the capital city in order to make your trip more interesting and exciting is the waterfront activities. The Potomac and Anacostia rivers in the city offer a plethora of popular water-related activities to see and do here. Despite the lazy afternoons, the fitness components included in the activities also add to its popularity. Below are some of the best waterfront fun and family activities that you can do in DC.

Live the Wharf Life

Located on the southwest waterfront, the Wharf is one of the hottest attractions that are debuted in DC during October 2017. This new development includes a spectacular waterfront view, four unique piers or wharves, three latest giant structures, a collection of stylish restaurants, two great music venues, state-of-art hotels, and a free water jitney that will take to the East Potomac River. Apart from this, there are also many food stalls, which feature many American delicacies and chilled beverages.

The Yards Park

The Yards Park is located at the center of the roaring Capitol Riverfront neighborhood and the National Park. The park sits nearby the Anacostia River in a stunning way and includes many contemporary outdoor rooms. The bridge in the park that symbolizes the epitome of marvelous architectural talent also contributes to make the park a perfect location for playtime. The main activities that you can do here include kayaking and stand up paddling, in the nearby waterfront. The essential equipment for the water activities is also available in the rental shops over here.

Washington Harbor

Strolling through the Washington harbor of Georgetown is another waterfront activity that you can do in the capital city. If you come here during summertime, there are many activities, which you can do in order to beat the scorching heat. Some of them include splashing the water from sprinkler-like fountains, feeding the ducks, watching the boats at the bay. You can also enjoy the luxury of adding some extravagant stuff to your shopping history. Additionally, there are tons of great restaurants as well that offers a patio seating and many outdoor activities.

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