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Washington DC is a great city to hang around, with all kinds of scenic places and historic monuments to visit. However, it is rare to find quiet places where you can just sit down and relax a bit in the silence. Below are some of the tranquil spots in the city that you can visit in your DC bus tours.

Artful Meditation

The Phillips Collection’s Rothko Room is a place that houses four dramatic canvases. The organizers conduct “Mindful Viewing” and “Slow Moving” audio tours inside the complex. This encourages visitors to engage in slow breathing exercises, and make a mindful observation of the artworks on display. You are guaranteed to return with a content heart; such is the calmness of this place.

University Of Maryland’s Garden Of Reflection And Remembrance

This garden offers you some moments of solitude while you connect with the elements of nature. It is a circular-shaped park with quiet spots for you to regain the calmness of your mind. There are trees, benches, and water bodies inside this park, all of which combine to give you the ideal spot to relax.

Oak Hill Cemetery

This cemetery is one of the rare quiet places you will find in Washington DC. The place is special not just because of the peaceful ambiance, but for the artful memorials installed here. The Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens gave birth to a monument here, and a Gothic Revival chapel also sits peacefully in the complex that is connected by curvy paths. Located in Georgetown, this place is a must-visit if you are seeking some moments of solitude away from the city crowd.

Freer And Sackler Galleries

This subterranean space offers an unusual calm to its curious visitors. In fact, it has a Zen-like aura to it. The place has a 90-foot-long sculpture named “Monkeys Grasp for the Moon,” designed by Chinese artist Xu Bing. The sculpture hangs from the top floor all the way to the bottom, right above the reflection pool on the lowest floor. The architecture of the building is so designed that the light play creates awe in the visitors.

Brookside Gardens

This garden is a great spot for a winter walk. Inside you can sit down for a cup of coffee at the Japanese teahouse overlooking a pond. The view of the gardens from here is also very refreshing. Afterward, you can also visit the conservatory which houses different kinds of tropical plants. The place is usually quiet, so do not be worried about being caught in a crowd.

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