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You can find an overwhelming number of museums and art galleries in the DC that will walk you through the past, present, and future of the United States of America. Unsurprisingly, Washington DC is reputed as the museum capital of thenation. In fact, you can hardly find a traveler who does not include American History Museum tours in their travel itinerary.

Do you know that most of these museum houses appealing gift shops from where you can purchase some unique souvenirs? Even though most of these gift shops are bit expensive the free admittance to the mammoth museums will be enough to compensate for it. Some of the popular museums in the American capital city where you can find some unique and attractive gift shops are given below.

The National Gallery of Art

The colossal West gift shop housed in the National Gallery of Art consumes around half of the basement area of this giant museum. Now, you would have imagined the huge collection of merchandise that will be displayed in this store. The popular options that you can purchase here include the popular knick-knacks designed after the famous artworks displayed in the museum, earrings inspired by water lilies, which is one of the popular artworks of Monet, artsy clothing, painting supplies, installation guides, etc. You can also find an eclectic range of books, home accessories, and posters inspired by the popular museum exhibits at this gift shop.

Hirshorn museum

This is a modern art museum located in southwest Washington. In this avant-grand museum, you can find a captivating gift shop that features the merchandise that reflects the eclectic beauty of the items displayed in the museum. In fact, this gift shop itself is a part of the exhibit here. The main highlight of this shop is the blocked words that wrap from the wall to the floor displaying strings of multiple messages. Besides, this gift shop is modest in size. However, don’t get deceived by its size since the Hishorn museum gift shop offers some of the outrageously outstanding trinkets and books. This will surely be a treasure trove for all the budding abstract expressionists out there.

National Air and Space Museum

Another destination where you can spot a mind-boggling gift shop is the National Air and Space Museum. This is the home of the popular Einstein bobbleheads. You can find around 20 bobbleheads of this great physician sitting on the window shaking their heads up and down. This is a great tribute to Einstein who discovered the energy-mass equivalence theory. Additionally, you can find several aviation-themes wonders as well in this museum.

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