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Washington DC is a city known for its historical locations. There are also several natural locations present nearby the city that is suitable for hiking and other activities. Some of these have historical and aesthetic importance. All of them are great exercise and a different experience from your normal city life during your visits. Below is a discussion of some of the best hiking trails located in and around the city that you can visit after your private Washington DC Tours.

Roosevelt Island

This is a great location for those looking for a trail close to the city. It is an easy trail and the island spans about 88.5 acres and is located in the middle of Potomac River. You can reach this place by foot or car. Further, you can see many monuments on the trail

Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry is a spot where you can find gorgeous views all around the year. This includes the Blue Ridge Mountain landscapes and river views. This place is over 20 miles of trails starting from the comparatively flat C&O Canal towpath to the slightly more difficult Maryland Heights trail. The latter even has a few challenging stretches that cross trenches, stone forts, and Civil War relics. Head to this trail if you want a bit of adrenaline rush on your tours to DC.

Great Falls – Billy Goat

The Billy Goat Trail Hike falls in the Great Falls National Park. This is located on the Maryland side right outside the city. It has three different kinds of challenges. Certain parts of the trail need you to climb up rock walls and do rock scrambling while others are easier. The A section stands out with captivating views. It takes around 2 hours to complete the trail.

Kingman Island

This place is located inside the DC limits. It is a manmade island and has several hiking trails to explore the wild while you are still inside the city. This is also a thickly wooded part and offers the perfect natural conditions away from the city’s tiring life. Further, it is a great place to click some glorious stills of nature.

Located within the limits of the Washington DC are several interesting hiking trails that you might not have heard of. These offer the perfect way to escape the busy and routine city experience and spend some good time in nature.

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