Literary Destinations To See In Private Tours Of Washington DC

Private Tours Of Washington DCPrivate Tours Of Washington DC
Private Tours Of Washington DC

Private Tours Of Washington DC

Some people are very fond of books such that they always find themselves in bookstores when traveling. Keeping such people in mind, tour operators offer literary tours. Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America has many important locations for bibliophiles like other capitals of countries across the globe. The purpose of this article is to provide a roadmap for private Washington DC tours that focuses on libraries and best book shops; read on to know more about them.

Best Bookstores In Washington DC

There are many bookstores in the national capital of Washington DC, and this includes stores that sell both used and new books. Capitol Hill Books, Lost City Books, and Second Story Books are a few of the best second-hand bookstores. You can find stacks of rare and used books that you normally would not find in ordinary bookstores. This also includes expensive first editions of many American authors. Solid State Books, Kramer books and Afterwords Café, Politics and Prose, and East City Bookshop offer a wide variety of classic literature titles, newest releases, and everything in between.

Apart from the bookstores mentioned above, Sankofa Video, Books, and Café have sections that focus on African American and African culture, history, and literature. This must be an important destination for everyone doing private tours of Washington DC. Besides, all the bookshops mentioned have excellent sections for children’s literature and books. So, they can be exciting places for children as well. Furthermore, these literary tourist destinations have amazing coffee and dining options so that you can spend quality time with fellow literary enthusiasts.

Libraries In Washington DC

Like most national capitals of the world, Washington DC has amazing libraries, and this makes it a paradise for bibliophiles. The most famous among them is the Library of Congress located behind the Capitol. It is the oldest cultural institution in the US found in 1800. Besides, the Library of Congress contains approximately 168 million items like books, comics, photographs, maps, music pieces, etc., and this makes it the largest library in the world.

Another important library that must be part of any private Washington DC tours is the Folger Shakespeare Library. It was established in 1932 and has the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s works. This library is located just around the corner of the Library of Congress. Apart from the works of the Bard, it has a theatre, space for exhibition, collections of renaissance art, books, and manuscripts.

These are some of the important literary destinations that you must visit during your private Washington DC tours.

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