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Once you decide to spend your holidays visiting in the capital city of the U.S, you normally start pondering what to pack for the trip. There is scarce need to stuff all your designer clothing into your luggage, because Washington is one place where none of that would make a difference to a sincere tourist. Plus, it is always best to travel light, you still need to be carrying all the necessary things.

DC offers a wide range of activity options such as hiking, biking, shopping, nightlife, landmark visits, and even good old walking. Below are some of the important things you should carry on your DC tours so that your time here is made comfortable and enjoyable.

Portable Charger

One vital thing which you must not forget at any cost is your portable mobile charger. Your phone gets used for everything from making phone calls to sending messages to capturing pictures with the camera, as an alarm clock, as a torch, as a music player, etc. In DC, there are many spectacular monuments and attractions which should absolutely land on your social media wall after your visit here. Furthermore, traffic jams in DC are infamous; you can pass the time by clicking pics, listening to music, or browsing the internet on your phone. Just be sure to recharge it at night, and carry a portable power bank with you.


Normally, people traveling to DC in the summer skip drybags on their packing list. DC weather is largely unpredictable, making it wise to expect sudden thunderstorms and heavy rainfall even during the hottest seasons. Having drybags handy would let you secure your gadgets and important documents in such scenarios. If you forget to bring them, you can easily find and buy a few at a DC store.


A handbag is a must-have if you plan to hit the major museums and historical monuments in DC. In the case of museums, you would have to go through proper security checks, which means a backpack can become a burden. Plus, carrying heavy bags would easily tire you out. Keep your favorite handbag in which you can carry all your essentials such as portable charger, wallet, drybag, umbrella, room key, phone, etc, while packing.

Reusable Water Bottle

When in DC in the summer, you would need to keep your body well hydrated in order to beat the heat from the daytime sun. It is worth noting that the water available at outdoor fountains in DC is fresh and drinkable. Simply refill your canteens with water from these, and skip pricy bottled water.

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