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Washington is known for its eclectic diversity, and it is not limited to the lifestyle and people alone. You can see the diversity in the culinary aspects of the district as well. The restaurants in DC are collection of various cuisines from all over the world and you can savor all of them at one place.

There are many high-end as well as affordable restaurants in Washington DC. You can go to top-notch restaurants if you want something fancy along with the taste. Those who cannot afford such pricey restaurants do not have to worry either, as there are many budget-friendly places, where you can enjoy the best of American and other international flavors. Below are some must-try dishes in Washington that will cost you $10 and below.

Pan-Fried Soup Dumpling

The pan-fried soup dumpling, available in the Nelson Street of Rockville, is made of Chinese pork bun. You can also sprinkle some ginger-black vinegar on it and slurp your way to ecstasy. This scrumptious Chinese appetizer is generously plated yet costs only $7; however, the crusty, soupy, and meaty appetizer is available only on weekends.

Pao Bhaji

Pao Bhaji, which is a traditional North Indian cuisine, is the main attraction in the restaurant in the Connecticut Avenue. The delicious and spicy dish is healthy and contains almost all types of vegetables including cauliflower, green peas, carrot, potatoes – all mixed with a mashed paste of onions and tomatoes. This delicious dish will tickle all your taste buds as you savor it. You can have it with buttered Parker house rolls, and this mouth-watering dish costs only $10.


The Chahan dish at the Izakaya Seiki restaurant of V Street is a must-try Chinese treat. The dish is made using crushed garlic chips, shiso leaves, and rice that is stir-fried, with sesame oil and soy sauce. Don’t get fooled by its straightforward combination as the delicious and perfect lock of flavors and fragrance will give goose bumps to you. You can relish this tasty main dish for just $9.50.

Gordita Carnitas at El Sol Restaurante & Tequileria

This finger-licking dish, that resembles a burger, is a must-try attraction in the restaurant that is located on the 11th street of NW. Besides, the yummy dish is crunchy and crackly from outside and the inner side is packed with a soggy and flavorful meat filling. This pork dish is teamed up with garlic, lard, oranges, evaporated milk, and cactus paddles, to give it the perfect aroma, texture, and taste. This drool-worthy dish costs only $5.

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