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Washington DC has some of the most beautiful street art in the country. There are several streets that will make your mind wander among the abstract imaginations of these street artists. Visit these locations to witness the skill of the native artists. Below are some of the locations to find the most beautiful street art during your private tours Washington DC.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Ben’s Chili Bowl is a favorite among tourists and locals alike. It is famous for its delicacies such as half-beef and half-pork with helpings of chili sauce, onions, and herbs. The other reason why it is so popular is the attractive mural in the adjoining U street location. The painting was updated in 2017 and included famous American personalities such as Barack and Michelle Obama, abolitionist Harriet Tubman, and DC-native Dave Chappelle. Stand back and capture some of the best photographs of this world-famous painting.

Blind Whino

Situated near the Southwest Waterfront is the former Baptist Church, Blind Whino. It is converted into a vibrantly painted arts and culture community center and gallery space. The place also serves as the headquarters of the Southwest Arts Club. The building is constructed in Romanesque and Victorian style architecture back in 1886. In 2012, the building was redesigned and designated the name of Blind Whino. In addition to the beautiful art, you can catch a live jazz performance on a Friday night or a free yoga class.

Blagden Alley

Blagden Alley is one of the stand-out underground art locations in DC with some beautiful works. It is situated amidst the renowned restaurant Dabney and some rehabbed carriages in the vicinity. You can find rotating murals here which includes a work by artist Rose Jaffe named as “Let Go”. Furthermore, there are also tributes to musicians like Erykah Badu and Sun Ra.

Columbia Heights

The Columbia Heights is a neighborhood that features some of the best artworks depicting the cultural diversity of the area. One of the artworks that stands out is the one named “My Culture, Mi Gente”. It was created by artist Joel Bergner and can be found beside the Columbia Heights Metro Station.


If you are interested to see an excellent portrait of the country’s maiden president, visit Noma on your DC tours. Artist Madteez has produced a masterpiece here. It is a part of a worldwide cultural and arts movement named “POW! WOW!”.

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