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The National Mall is a 146-acre park located to the south of the White House and Downtown in Washington DC. It is one of the most prestigious National Parks of America and it is located in the middle of the nation’s capital. The place welcomes over more than twenty-four million visitors around the globe.

The place is home to several monuments, sculptures, memorials, statues and various other attractions that honors the history and legacy of the nation. It includes Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, Ford’s Theatre, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Constitution Gardens.

There are a few things every traveler should keep in mind before they head to the National Park including the main attractions of the Mall, places to park, great places for kids, history of the Park, and so on.

Major Attractions

The National Mall has expansive open spaces and landscaped gardens, most of which are mostly used for public events like speeches, protests, rallies, and a variety of other activities all through the year.

There are several permanent attractions in the National Mall in which the ten museums which call the National Mall home are the most popular. These museums offer a wide range o exhibits including art and space exploration. Some of the other main attractions of the National Mall include the national memorials and monuments, the capitol building of the U.S, the Botanic Garden and the National Gallery of Art.

About Public Transportation, Driving and Parking

The National Mall is at a central location and there are many important buildings situated near to the park that is important in national politics. For the same reason, the area around the park is the busiest part of Washington. It is most recommended for visitors to get there using modes of public transportation.

Federal Triangle, Capitol South, L’Enfant Plaza, Federal Center SW, Gallery Place-Chinatown, Archives-Navy Memorial, Metro Center, Arlington National Cemetery, and Smithsonian are the metro stations that are near to the National Mall.

It is always best to check a map if you are planning to get to the National Mall by driving. This can help you to find garages near to the park as parking is very limited in this area.

Attractions and Activities for Kids

Your children may not find wandering through the place as a better idea or as an interesting activity like you do. Therefore, the best thing is to find the kid-oriented things, in the National Park. Some of the recommended choices for kids include the National Museum of National History, National Museum of American History, National Air and Space Museum, etc.

Paddle boating on the Tidal Basin is one of the most chosen activities in the park, which is indeed a good way for your child to relax during sightseeing in Washington. There are also rides on the carousel which is a great choice for younger children, and it is near the Arts and Industries Building.

Distance and Transportation Options

The distance between the Capitol (which is at one end of the National Mall) and the Lincoln Memorial (which is at the other end of the National Mall) is 2 miles, which is quite a long walk for most travelers. However, you will be able to walk around the entire National Park in less than a day if you take your time to see things along the way after creating a pace for yourself.

Taking a sightseeing tour is a great option to see all of the national memorials of the park as such tours provide transportation between the memorials which are at a far distance from each other. In addition to this, all the Smithsonian memorials and museums will be equipped always to accommodate travelers having disabilities. A few handicap parking spaces also can be seen in some areas of the Mall. Renting mobility scooting can be the best option for elderly people to get around the Mall easily.

Most and Least Crowded Time to Visit

Just like every other attraction in DC, there are high and low periods, especially during the tourist season. But unlike many other attractions in Washington, the National Mall is crowded year-round since it is a popular summer destination for family trips and also school trips.

The National Mall is very crowded during vacations and on special holidays and events. It is generally less crowded on weekdays. Many annual events take place at the National Mall which usually draws the biggest one-time crowds.

The best time to visit the place is between October and December, during late fall and early winter. This is the time when the summer vacations of schools will be over.

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