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Washington DC is mainly known for its historical and political importance. However, other than these, DC has a lot in store for all the night owls out there. There are lots of top-notch dancing clubs and bars in the district featuring famous DJs and various live activities. These clubs will really be a retreat to all the nocturnal and adrenaline junkies out there to dance their night out. Below is the list of top rated DC dance clubs.

Bossa Bistro

Bossa bistro is a dance bar with a lounge located in the 2463 18th street of Washington DC. This low-lit hippy place is one of the favorites of all the Latin dance lovers. Here, you can find the Brazilian tapas teamed with many cultural and musical events.

The main party begins when the live salsa is played by the famous Latin dancers on the first floor. In between, you can also see some other styles of dance as well. However, this live salsa event is conducted only on Fridays and Saturdays nights. Therefore, it is better to visit Bossa Bistro during these days to experience one of your best nights. You can also join them on the cozy dance floor.

You can alternatively climb upstairs to entertain yourselves with various musical and cultural live arts. If you get drained out, you can go to the ground floor bar and relax sipping your favorite drink.


This amazing restaurant and nighttime lounge is located in the North-West of Washington DC. The beautiful and rustic interiors as well as the furniture will give you a Moulin Rouge ambiance. The first floor consists of an open space with a 60-foot high ceiling. Do not stay mouth-opened with the sight of awe-inspiring chandeliers, tabletops inspired by Versailles, and the golden accents crammed on the floor.

The highlight over here is the best of 40’s music and the live performances from an enclosed stage, which is 20-foot and is placed over the first-floor bar. Live entertainment here includes acrobatic pole dancing, modern ballet, pole dancing, etc. Apparently, this is one of the must-go places for all the dance-lovers; just dress up well and show up.

Eighteenth Street Lounge

This stunning dance club is one of the best mansions in the Northwest DC, with best and comfy lightings, and mesmerizing interiors. Unlike many other mansions in the DC, the main attraction here is the rustic ambiance and the vintage seating arrangement.

The eighteenth street lounge has 5 rooms, which includes a Jazz Bar, Main Room, Deck Bar, Studio Bar, and Gold Room. You will also get entertained by the live jazz performances, that are played occasionally here. Moreover, the attractive vibes and comfortable ambiance will make you fall in love with this place for sure.

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