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Washington DC might be famous for being the capital city of the USA. Yet there are several attractions in the city, which make it a paradise of all types of tourists. In fact, there are many places in DC, which look more glorified at night and can be best enjoyed when the sun goes down. Below are a few such places that you should visit during your tours of Washington DC.

Georgetown Waterfront Park

This ten-acre large park forms the connection between Maryland and Virginia. The park is a new installation to the area and it comes under Georgetown Historic District. It is a great place to enjoy a kayak ride, jogging, or simply enjoying the surroundings while you take a leisurely stroll. The main attraction here is certainly the river steps. These have been preserved from the previous century when this place was a commercial hub.

The Hamilton

The Hamilton is a great place to catch concerts at night. In fact, it was a restaurant first which was created in a modern design. Later on, the concert stage was added to the lower level. You can watch some interesting performances here, and taste some scrumptious meals too in its restaurant. This is the place to be if you want to dive into the world of music and enjoy the nightlife to the core.

Visit the Memorials at Night

Washington DC is renowned for the presence of numerous monuments within its boundary. Many of them can be found around the Tidal Basin, which is a walking distance away from the National Mall. As dusk, all these monuments, such as the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. monument, are illuminated by soothing soft lights. Take a slow walk around all of these places to seep into the vibe of the US capital city; you can find many ducks paddling along the Tidal Basin’s waters.

Drinks at The Jefferson Hotel

The Jefferson’s hotel is renowned for its attractive interiors and overall grandeur. It is also one of the oldest premier hotels in Washington DC. It became a luxury hotel in 1955. There is a lounge as well as a bar that you can visit in the hotel. Its interior is a special treat with works inspired by the former president, Thomas Jefferson.

There are both indoors as well as an outdoor patio areas, which means you can enjoy your drinks while soaking in the surroundings. This is definitely a place to visit on your private Washington DC tours.

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