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You will find numerous monuments and historical locations in Washington DC since it is an important city in the history of the nation. However, these places are almost always crowded with people traveling long and far. Besides, there is nothing new to explore in these places once you have seen all of them.

Nonetheless, there is a whole set of lesser-known monuments and buildings in DC that showcase the soul of the city in a previously unseen way. Once you visit a few of them, you will definitely feel like you have been to some place, where you really got to know the unknown face of the city. Below are a few locations that are unknown and underrated, yet very much recommended to visit during your private Washington DC tours.

National Arboretum

This park is the location where the original columns of the old East Portico that belonged to the US capitol stood. It has been converted to a beautiful garden now, where you can immerse in the slow-paced lifestyle that is much different from the city life of Washington DC. The Arboretum is also known as the living museum.

African American Civil War Museum

This Civil War museum is a memorial dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. Stats say that about 145 African-American soldiers were killed in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. These brave warriors are commemorated through photographs, sculptures, and articles. There are also replicas of uniforms and a memorial here. Yet, the museum remains one of the most underrated ones in the city.

IA&A at Hillyer

This art gallery is located behind The Phillips Collection in 9 Hillyer Ct NW. It has three separate rooms and has on display, several events and contemporary artworks. The art gallery is mainly concerned with showcasing the works of under-represented artists. They try to promote the artists who have not had a single solo exhibition in the last three years.

Dumbarton Oaks Museum

Located in the Georgetown Estate, this place offers a Pre-Columbian Collection as well as a Byzantine collection. It has several artifacts from the Mesoamerica/Andesera and the Byzantine Empire. The artwork here is intriguing as it was designed back in the 15th Century. The house was designed in 1927, and has a very attractive architecture too, with tapestry, artworks, and furniture from the past.

The Mansion on O Street

Although this is a luxury hotel, it is definitely worth being considered as a tourist attraction. The Mansion on O Street is a mélange of interesting items like secret doors, guitars signed by celebrities like Eric Clapton, themed rooms, myriad of artworks, and 100 guest rooms. It is quite a visual treat if you visit this hotel during your private Washington DC tours.

The Phillips Collection

This museum is famous as the first museum of modern art in the country. It is easily accessible as it is located only a few blocks away from the Dupont Circle Metro station. The museum houses around 3000 works that feature some legendary names including Vincent van Gogh, Renoir, and Matisse.

Heurich House Museum

The Heurich House Museum is famous for the numerous beer-focused events that take place here periodically. It is also referred to as the Brewmaster’s Castle. The famous Oktoberfest takes place here. Besides, the museum also hosts a beer tasting event called “History & Hops”. Apart from these, the place also has a tour of the 1890’s mansion.

Mary Mcleod Bethune Council House

This house served as the first headquarters of the National Council of Negro Women. It used to be an organization that fought class, gender, and racial discrimination worldwide. Besides, this was the last residence of Mary McLeod Bethune. She was the first person in the family who was born free and afforded a proper education. She was motivated to empower young African American women towards proper education. Her remarkable deeds are recorded in the history books and the hearts of the people.

National Geographic Museum

People who are passionate about nature, photography, traveling, and wildlife should definitely visit the National Geographic Museum once. It will be an experience to remember. The museum is comparatively small, and will not take more than an hour or two to explore. The place offers excellent and rare insight into intriguing subjects such as different cultures around the world, dinosaurs, animals, and the ocean. Once you are inside this, you will be overwhelmed with information about interesting scientific subjects and the humanitarian studies that they have conducted worldwide.

Old Stone House

This is the oldest unchanged building in Washington DC. It dates back to the pre-revolutionary days. Initially, it was constructed as a shelter for the cabinetmaker Christopher Layman. Later, it reopened in 1960 as a house museum. It offers its visitors an insight into the pre-revolutionary architecture and furnishings. Note that the museum is open and free to the public all days of the week from 11:00 am to 06:00 pm.

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