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Washington DC is a great place that has lot to offer. From its famous monuments to amazing restaurants, Washington DC will never fail to impress you. But there are many places in this city which left under-explored even by locals. They may not be on the list of must do things in tours of Washington DC, but they will be quite pleasing for those who love to travel off the radar. Following are some wonderful places if you are looking for something different during your tours of Washington DC.

Rock Creek Park Horse Center

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying the beauty of the nature while riding a horse? Then this place is for you. Even though many people know Rock Creek Park, the fact they don’t know is that there are stables deep in the woods of this park. You can take horse riding lessons or pony rides on this place. This is a wonderful place for those who love horse riding.

Maine Avenue Fish Market

This is one of the open-air fish markets that have a long history. You can get fresh seafood from this place and can relax on the beautiful waterfront.

Spanish Steps

This is a hidden gem of Washington DC, which remains unexplored even by locals. The place is an urban oasis where you can enjoy the serenity of the nature. It was built in the early periods of 20th century. You can take a romantic stroll on this area on a quiet evening.

National Postal Museum

This is a place that should be on the top list for people of DC, but unfortunately remains neglected. The museum holds the rich history of communication. The mailboxes, advertisements and airmail will tell you the different stages of evolution of communication in Washington DC.

Albert Einstein Memorial

Are you a science lover ? Then do not forget to visit this memorial which is dedicated to a great personality in the history of science. This memorial stays hidden close to the National Academy of Sciences. The bronze memorial of Albert Einstein will be a wonderful attraction for science lovers.

Lincoln’s Cottage       

This cottage, where one of the most significant personalities of American history Abraham Lincoln lived, remains hidden under the glory of The White House and the Ford’s Theater. This is the place where Lincoln stayed while developing the Emancipation Proclamation. You should definitely visit this place if you want to pay tribute to the real hero of America.

Naval Observatory

The Master Clock, which is set as the standard time for the Department of Defense and is responsible for recording measurements for Earth’s orientation for the almanac and GPS satellites, lies here. It is difficult to get a tour to this place. But if you are lucky enough to get one then you can enjoy the spectacular view of the stars through their telescope.

The Gibson

Get an out of the world experience by enjoying the cocktails available here. This wonderful place, which remains as a remainder of Prohibition-era is another hidden treasure of Washington DC. The place has a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere which is alluring and mysterious at the same time.

Mansion on O Street

This huge Victorian mansion is now converted into a luxury hotel, private club as well as a museum. The beautiful interior gives it a royal look. The fascinating décor along with the hidden doors and secret passages make this place a favorite location of DC locals.

Dumbarton Oaks

Want to read a book under the tranquility that the nature offers? Then your best choice is the Dumbarton Oaks, which is a wonderful estate in Georgetown which holds a great history. This place is featured with pleasing gardens and serves as a museum and research library. The place will be a paradise for those who love to take a stroll in the spring season when the trees are adorned with flowers that are in bloom.

The Technicolor Church

This is a beautiful church which is old and abandoned and had technicolor makeover which gave it a pleasant and colorful look. The church is situated in Southwest DC and got the makeover as a part of arts revitalization. Not many people are aware of this church, but for those who accidently stumble over this place it will be an unforgettable experience.

Gravelly Point Park

This is a perfect place for picnickers, runners and bikers, which are situated just outside of DC. If you are on time, you can see the planes landing at nearby Ronald Reagan Airport.

Along with visiting the common attractions, you can also consider visiting these places too during your tours of Washington DC. These places remain mostly unexplored, but are a great way to experience the soul of Washington DC. You will never regret visiting these places, as they are unique and have a special charm which is specific to them and which cannot be seen elsewhere. So don’t forget to include these places in your visiting list on your next DC tour.

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