Why Visit the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC?

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The National Mall is home to some iconic monuments including that of presidents like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King, the civil rights activist. The latter’s famous speech in 1963 titled ‘I Have a Dream,’ on the threshold of the Lincoln Memorial is an epic chapter in American History that still remains fresh in the memories of all, including Washingtonians.

Launched in 2011 on the National Mall, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is the 4th monument in DC to commemorate a non-president and the first to pay tribute to an individual of color. The venue the memorial is home to needs no introduction to those on a Washington monument tour. Visit the memorial to reflect back on the three fundamentals Dr. King stood for, including freedom of speech, human rights, and equality, during the Civil Rights movement from mid 1950’s, till his assassination in 1968.

The highlight of the memorial is a thirty-foot long statue resembling Martin Luther King, which symbolizes “Stone of Hope,” and “Mountain of Despair,” as represented by the broad boulders. Together, they both represent the excerpts from the famous speech delivered by Martin Luther King in 1963.

When on Private tours Washington DC devoted to national monuments, visitors stroll through the ‘Mountain of Despair,’ and visit the memorial in a bid to evoke the kind of struggles Dr.King encountered all his life in a bid to free African American ethnic groups from racial discrimination. The visitors end the stroll in the ‘Freedom Plaza,’ a spot known for the political uproar and civic events in the city capital.

The ‘Stone of Hope,’ stands tall in solitude, and depicts the civil rights activist in a gaze over the Tidal Basin reservoir and up into the skies, which inspires visitors to reflect back on everything he stood for. Surrounding the relief of Martin Luther King is an ‘Inscription Wall,’ featuring fourteen quotations from the civil rights activist including excerpts from some of his famous speeches that never seem speechifying even to an anonymous person, but inspiring. It was a council of historians including Henry Louis Gates and Maya Angelou, who chose the inscribed quotes on the ‘Inscription Wall’. If you want to reflect back on his fundamental principles of love, hope, justice, and democracy, visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial through Private tours Washington DC and enjoy this alongside sweeping views of the tidal basin.

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