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At the beginning of the 20th century, there were several large establishments in Washington DC such as hospitals, businesses, and others. However, as time passed by, many of these were abandoned due to various reasons. Some of them were left for nature to thrive in the abandoned surroundings, while some lie under the watchful eyes of the authorities. If you are someone interested in visiting creepy locations, there are several such structures spread out across the city. Below is a discussion of some of the abandoned places in the city that you can visit on your private Washington DC tours.

The Virginia Renaissance Fair

This was the destination where the renaissance fair was held in the 20th century. However, the excitement dwindled after the fair and the place was left for the elements to exploit. The attractions were transferred to other places, but the structures remained. These were slowly claimed by the land, and they now stand half consumed. The festival grounds are frozen in time. Pirate ships lie and rot while being taken over by vines. Several branches found their way into the windows of shops. There is weed all over the path and some structures have given way under the growth.

Remember that the place is owned by a hunter’s club and they shoot at the sight of movement. You can still admire the place from a distance. The absence of jokers, horses, and knights could really be felt as the place remains engulfed in silence.

U.S. Capitol East Portico

This is a site of a gigantic granite building located deep inside the Rock Creek Park. Note that it is not marked on any map and you have to get there without any reference. The place has a building that was built of stones, has been disassembled and then piled up again. The pile is really tall and makes one wonder how such a structure got there.

Furthermore, there are several huge pits around this site. These resemble wells and are also made of piled stones. The presence of these holes is also a mystery. Today, moss and Lichen have taken over the structures. There are stories that the huge stones reached here from the U.S. Capitol Building. It was disassembled in the 1958 renovations. Some of these stones belong to the original capitol building dating back to 1700s. There are no signs telling you the importance of the stones though.

Note that there is also a tale that there is a gold mine in the place. Stories say that the gold is buried deep down the floor of the region.

Mcmillan Sand Filtration Site

This is an abandoned park/water filtration plant in the middle of the city. It was in use during the first half of the 20th century but was closed after the IInd World War. This was done so that the others would not be able to harm the water supply. The filtration plant was shut down later and an alternative facility was opened close to the area. It is a great spot to spend exploring the ruins. Many structures are covered by the vegetation and it does present an eerie sight of destruction.

Richmond Juvenile Detention Center

This is an abandoned detention center which was home to Richmond’s violent individuals under the age of 18. The inmates landed here after they committed crimes not common for their age. There are places like the gym where the walls are consumed in graffiti. Many of them are colorful and some of them also pose interesting questions to the viewer. One of the famous graffiti reads, ‘This is what dreams are made of.’ The possibility of an inmate engraving such words makes one wonder what went through the minds of these young people that lived here.

Walk further into the facility and you will find small 10-square-foot cells. Some of these contain the favorite toys of the childhood such as a Nintendo, a deflated soccer ball, and a bible. These are places frequented by people who are interested in exploring creepy and abandoned places in the middle of large cities.

Forest Haven Asylum

The Forest Haven Asylum is a mental hospital that was functional from 1921 to 1991. In 1991, the place was decreed close because of several reasons such as mass neglect. The place is a bit sinister as there were all kinds of treatment facilities for the mentally disabled such as pharmaceuticals electroshock therapy and force-feeding. Further, there were reports of large piles of corpses inside the hospital, who were said to have died of vague ‘complications.’ Currently, the place is guarded by the federal police. Although it would be closed for visitors, you can still trespass as many people do here. The rundown facilities are one of the frequently visited places inside this structure.

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