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Any traveller looking to rent a hotel will be influenced by plenty of things along his way. A lot of factors will be affecting his decision-making process in selecting hotels. Some of them are of value for money because of their location, accommodation details, ease of booking and reliability of booking. Consumers evaluate these standards by referrals, ratings/reviews, cost, previous experiences, discounts/offers, and advertisement.

Nowadays it is very difficult for a hotel to survive without branches. Chain hotels are swallowing many of such single hotels, which are thriving to survive independently. Here is a list of the best hotels in Washington DC.

The Hay-Adams

There is only one Hay-Adams, not only in Washington but in entire America. The original owners, John Hay and Henry Adams built it in 1927 and thanks to its Restaurant Lafayette which has the White House view. The 145 rooms and suites are still spacious, splendid new and spectacular. Its stupendous top-floor meeting room and dining space can easily accommodate only about 340 people. But aside from that, the Hay-Adams is known for its elite bar and the early breakfast, which greatly help the inmates to accommodate their business meetings as early as 9 am.

The Jefferson

The Jefferson, stands up at the north on 16th Street, Washington.  It has 5 star facilities with 99 rooms and 20 suites. It has one of the famous Michelin-starred chef Ralf Schlegel, who mans the kitchen of the restaurant Plume. The walls and rooms of Jefferson are kept intact without any renovation. The spa and the lavish Quill bar are very famous in the town and it attracts the premiers. It is one of those places to stay where one can live easily and happily for the days.

The Line

One of the leading groups, Sydell Group from NewYork has set up their boutique franchise operation in North Washington. They have several iconoclastic portfolios in Los Angeles and Austin. This Adams Morgan venture has tremendous music bars and performance venues and if you are in the town it is preferred to visit it and enjoy maximum.

The Watergate Hotel

If one wants to stay in Washington and splendidly walk back through the seventies, Watergate is the best option. It has its own set of binoculars and an old reel-to-reel tape recorder in the Scandal Suite. You can experience a f nostalgic feel here. The Watergate Hotel offers a breathtaking view of the famous Potomac River from its rooftop. It was one of the favorite hotels in the town when President Nixon stayed there in his time.

Your Washington DC tours can benefit from the location and facilities of these luxury hotels. Enjoy your stay!

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