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Washington DC is not only famous for its historic monuments, museums, art galleries, and parks; the city also has its collection of spooky ghost stories. It is like you would have to check twice while you are traveling along the hallways of the White House, whether you saw a portrait or a ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Many people in the city believe that a demonic black cat was responsible for all calamities happening nationwide and always keep their eyes open for it.

There are a lot of such spooky stories related to the US capital. In fact, the city actually has a vast history and a number of haunted places to explore. You could go for one of these ghost tours if you decided to skip your DC bus tours for some extra thrill.

Scary DC Ghost Tours

This ghost tour was found by an American government professor, who was also a historian. Therefore, you would not have to worry about the historical correctness of this tour. You would be able to here a number of stories that are filled with scandals and mysterious apparitions as you go along this ghost tour. This ghost tour also features a good number of famous landmarks in the city. Scary DC ghost tours would also take you for a Haunted Pub Crawl.

National Building Museum Ghost Tour

While on this tour, you would be hearing a lot about the nightly preternatural appearance of shape-shifters in the building. This place was really a restitution office to children and widows during the Civil War. You would be able to hear many creepy yet interesting stories about this place from your Washington DC tour guide. All the guides here have a good knowledge about the history of this place.

Night at the Omni Shoreham Hotel

This beautiful hotel is located in Northwest Washington DC. A room in this hotel is believed to be particularly haunted. If you are a person who likes challenges, you can just make an effort to stay in room 864; the experience would certainly be a memorable one. In 1980, a housekeeper died along with her daughter in that room and this room at the present is assumed to be connected to a series of ghostly events. The Omni Shoreham Hotel has an awesome landscape along with a 1930 d├ęcor. Overall, it is a wonderful place to stay, even in case you believe the ghost stories to be an absolute myth.

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