Exploring the National Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC

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National Arlington Cemetery

Cemeteries are no longer merely a place for somber burial; they narrate the stories and memories of the people buried there. The Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC facing the Potomac River is one of the best specimens in that regard, retaining aesthetics with the very purpose of its construct. The cemetery is accessible to all on Washington DC bus tours, located between the Arlington House and Lincoln Memorial in Virginia. Below are some interesting facts about the Arlington Cemetery that you should know before visiting the place in person.

Vintage Mansion at the Hilltop

The colorful uninhabitable structure can be seen with quite ease, as it is very close to the graves at the northern side of Arlington estate. It was the Union Army, that came up with the idea of burying their people so close, as the count of burials started filling its capacity by 1864.

A Reminisce of the Civil War

Veterans, soldiers, and their family members who lost their lives in the Civil War are made to rest with dignity in the hilltop ground. There are about 400,000 of them, who had fought for their freedom ranging from Medal of Honor recipients to former and retired members of the Armed forces.

Tomb of Unknown Soldier

Unknown soldiers who have lost their lives in World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, and Korean War are buried here with the white marble of Sarcophagus. The burial of the soldiers is now more of a depiction of all the unknown and missing people.

The Peculiar Routine of the Guard

The respect for the veterans is done every hour in winters and half an hour in summer days. The whole of cemetery history is recited out loud in the trial phase of the Sentinel. The Change of Guard, as the routine is popularly known, is carried out at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Flame of Eternity

The flame, which is burned upon the granite stone of cemetery, was lit by Mrs. Kennedy in 1963 at the funeral of US President John F. Kennedy. The flame is burning the grave of Kennedy ever since then.

Historical Figures Buried

The place of tranquility houses many significant American citizens along with the brave soldiers during and after World War II. The list includes John F. Kennedy, William Howard Taft, Dashiell Hammett, Glenn Miller, and many more.

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