Five Ways to Spend a Day Off in Adams Morgan

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Adams Morgan is a culturally diverse neighborhood in Washington DC. It is known for the eclectic dining scene and nightlife. There are many restaurants and bars dotting the 18th Street NW corridor that appeal to visitors. The area is perhaps less than five square miles, but there is a lot for visitors to enjoy.

Have Coffee in the Open Air

Begin your day off in Adams Morgan at the “Tryst” coffeehouse. This café’s highlights comprise “animal cracker” cookies with coffee drinks as well as patio seating. It is an ideal place to visit for those who enjoy sipping coffee while watching the world drift by.

Visit “The LINE DC” Hotel

You can either stay in or stop by The LINE DC during your exploration of the neighborhood – either way, the DC-inspired hotel makes for a worthwhile visit. Housed inside an old church, “The Line DC” is home to multiple restaurants, a community center, a coffee shop, as well as a radio station that broadcasts from inside the hotel.

Visit a Bookstore for a Good Read

If you want to channel the bookworm in you, head to the store named “Idle Time Books”. It has been in operation for close to three decades and has thousands of quality books, including used, out-of-print and recent ones, in addition to newspapers, greeting cards, CDs and records.

Besides, after your DC bus tours, you might want to spend the rest of the day in good fashion with drinks, food and enjoying music. For that, the following are two of your best options.

Dance and Drink the Night Away at a Nightclub

For over two decades, “Madam’s Organ” has been at the center of the nightlife in the neighborhood owing to stiff drinks as well as live music. On the side of the building, there is a larger-than-life mural of a woman, which makes it instantly recognizable from a distance. So it is hard to miss the landmark in Adams Morgan.

Sing at “Karaoke Studios” and End the Night with South-Asian Drinks and Food

“Muzette” is a karaoke joint in DC that has a relatively small dining area, which serves home-style Korean food. It has more than 70,000 songs in different languages, comprising English and Spanish. To muster up a little bit of energy and courage before picking up a microphone, it is best that you order beer or “Saké” drink.

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