Food You Must Not Miss In Washington D.C

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Although the centre about which America revolves around shifts from New York and Miami, the capital is a prized gem for the food fanatics and should be a must visit place that they need to cross off their bucket list. The city of Washington D.C is brimming with monuments and places of historical relevance to the great country, but the gastronomical treats are something that goes completely unnoticed with all the hustle and bustle. We will be listing down the must try eateries and food stuffs that you must check, the next time you’re in Washington D.C!

  • Kitfo

Definitely one of the best things about a city like Washington D.C is the diversity and mix of culture that is so seamless, that you get a piece of every part of the world all within the limits of one single city. Kitfo is one of the best known dishes of Ethiopia that you can get to enjoy here. A spicy beef tartare, different stews made from exotic herbs and spongy injera bread to help you soak up all the goodness and leave your plates spic-and-span!

  • Pizza Heaven

Although it doesn’t stack up to the variety of New York and Boston Style pizza, this is one city that puts up a good fight. You can get cheap pizza for as low as $10, with toppings of your choosing from various vendors around the place; right from caramelized onions, basil spinach and pepperoni to Quattro formaggi, truffles and garlic puree. Think about it and chances are that they will serve it in this city!

  • Kimchi

Do you feel like having a piece of Japanese culture nicely plated up before you? Then Washington D.C does not disappoint! There are several places that serve up kimchi ramen but all with a twist that will make you go: Hey this isn’t just Japanese! That is because this place has an influence of Korean flavours as well to go with it. Your cup noodles are nowhere near what the Japanese restaurants in the city offer!

  • The Union Market

If you want the one stop place for all the food goodies then the union market is your go to place. This place has everything under its roof to put any food fanatic into a full on food coma! There are chorizos and Korean inspired tacos; flavours that will keep you wondering even hours after you’ve had it!

Most private Washington DC tours will take you through these hotspots, but if not you can always make your own form of private tours in Washington DC.

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