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The U Street in Washington DC is the main attraction of those locals and tourists who wish to stay awake at night while enjoying the music and the nightlife. This area has excellent vibes whether it is in the underground dance floors or the industrial spaces. It will be a memorable thing for you to spend nighttime in the U Street during your tours of Washington DC.

Here are some suggestions on the nightlife hotspots on U Street for you to explore during your DC tours.

Howard Theatre

This is the place, which hosts acts belonging to different genres including pop, R&B, etc. It has the local audience coming mainly from U Street’s easternmost end and the Shaw neighborhood.

9:30 Club

The crowd here is very large and rough. The area will be noisy, but you will be able to enjoy the view from whichever position you are standing in. Even though there is a heavy crowd, there will still be space to accommodate more people. There is a balcony as well. It is a fabulous venue where so many rising stars, as well as famous stars, come and perform.

Restaurant Marvin

It is a historic venue with two stories. People flock here late in the night. This is the place famous after a singer Marvin Gaye a singer born in DC. The decoration of the space is very attractive and beautiful. There is a dance floor where you can get on and dance.

The Gibson

It is a speakeasy, which is located in the crowded intersection of U Street and 14th Street. However, The Gibson remains hidden from the public. The entrance is through an unnoticed door. Once inside, you can enjoy the space to its full. If you need to have the tables, you need reservations. However, the bar seats and the patio are not reserved.

U Street Music Hall

It is a venue for music where several big name and underground acts are performed. Friendly crowds, low prices, and amazing acoustics highlight the place. It is the perfect spot for you to see a dance or a show.


Yet another music venue and bar in the locality, DC9 is a three-floored structure which can give you an amazing feeling. In the downstairs, you have a cozy booth. The middle floor is where you can enjoy live music, stand-up comedy, or dance parties of the 90s. The patio on the top floor is ideal for resting, though it will be covered in the winter season.

Do not forget to add some of these to your DC itinerary.

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