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Washington DC that is often known for its historical and political prominence is a great tourist destination these days. There is a number of enlightening museums, wondrous architectural aesthetics, majestic and budget-friendly restaurants, etc., in the city. Unlike what some people think, Washington DC hosts may adventurous and exciting activities, nightlife, beer parlors, etc. Plus, traveling around DC is a great option for people who prefer to discover different types of cultures and lifestyles. Hence, more and more travelers are flocking to the American capital these days.

The main advantages of opting to visit Washington DC on your vacation is that you can you will not have to break your bank for this. In fact, you can make your private Washington DC tours quite affordable if you plan things wisely. Below are some of the important guidelines that you must follow in order to make your private Washington DC tours a pocket-friendly one.

Avoid Visiting Washington DC during Peak Seasons

It is a known thing that traveling any place during the peak season will surely be expensive. This is critical in the case of Washington DC because the city hosts some mind-blowing events at festivals and different seasons. At this time, the price range of flight tickets, hotel, food, accessories, clothing, activities, etc., will be at its peak. Some of the popular events in Washington DC include the Cherry Blossom Festival, spring break, Independence Day, etc. If you are on a tight budget, it will be better explore the city during the winter season where the price for almost everything in the city will expectedly go down.


One of the major expenses that you may have to face on your private Washington DC tours will be regarding your accommodation. There are both luxury and budget-friendly hotels available in DC and you may choose one that meets your requirements. Note that it is not a wise decision to choose the cheapest one without comparing it with the amenities and facilities offered by other hotels. Thankfully, there are many websites, which compare the price and facilities of different hotels. You never know; you may find some better options for the same price of a cheap hotel. Plus, try to book your rooms online so that you can probably avail some discount coupons.


One of the main upsides of Washington DC is that the city boasts a number of free attractions such as the Smithsonian Museums, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, National Botanical Garden, the African-American Civil War Memorial and Museum, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, etc. In addition, there are many other government buildings in the city that you can explore for free of cost. In case you are fond of touring the White House, it is recommended to book your tickets at least 1 month prior to your trip so that you can crack some good deals.

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